“No Man’s Buy”

Well, the game has pretty much been released as worldwide as it’s ever going to be, and I can pretty confidently say I’m not going to get it. Originally, I was pretty interested in how the game would turn out, but I lost interest over time as I pondered upon the potential deception Hello Games could have been presenting us with over the last few years, or, as is the case with me, the past three months.  Thus I eventually forgot about the game until the beginning of this here August month now soon halfway gone by, and it seems it wouldn’t have made much of a difference whether I had continued being renewedly oblivious to the game or, as is indeed the case now, recalled that the game was to be released this August; I know for a fact I am never going to buy it.

So far, I have witnessed a review average of 6/10. Sounds like an overpriced piece of shit, if you ask me. No wonder they kept hiding their little game behind scripted trailers and “gameplay footage” videos.

Once again, the skepticism of certain people has been at a worrying low, including mine. I was excited about WildStar. It sucked. I was excited about Guild Wars 2. It sucked. I wasn’t really excited for Fallout 4 because I had kind of forgotten how long it had been since the previous entry. It’s pretty good once you mod out the shitty conversational UI and possibly make some modifications to the shitty-ish survival mode (i.e. the all-or-nothing approach they did in making it). It would seem the moral of the story is something along the lines of: “Fuck the hype – enjoy what follows ignorance”… or some stupid shit like that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll find me something else to play.


Cities: Shittier Programming

Nope. This game is still shit. Even without an ounce of modding, it still crashes retardedly often when I try to save. Not one game has done this before. This is by far some of the worst software I’ve seen that’s this close to AAA.

Seriously, a game like this without a functioning saving system is fucking trash. I’d avoid it for sanity’s sake.

Update: well, I think every city-building game I’ve tried seems to have this problem. Guess they’re all shit, too.

KSP 1.1.2

<rant> It’s shit. There’s a character limit in the craft description field; the new “upgraded” wheel physics are fucking atrocious on the aircraft wheels because the wheels clip through the housing and allow the housing to get dragged along the ground, latching the craft onto the ground and ripping it apart; the administration building UI disappears for me for no fucking reason apart from what I could only assume to be useless twatty programming; the first aviation package unlocked from the science building thing is obviously haphazardly put together because it’s missing crucial parts, such as an adapter for the TINY FUCKING ENGINE and a radial air intake, seeing how there’s a gigantic, sleek, high-tech cockpit with no attachment nodes included.

It seems most of the time has been spent on the physics and space-faring part of the game, which is logical, but the UI and the way the game is put together seems to be in the order of quality comparable to a pile of donkey feces. Maybe I’m just salty, but the game looks incredibly unpolished. The disappearing administration building UI, for instance, is an annoyance that shouldn’t even be there. Apparently, “no reliable reproduction has been found”. Kiss my ass. You’ve got orbital mechanics and aerodynamics programmed into the game, yet you can’t even fix the fucking UI? Wow. Just wow.

And, yes, I’m salty, whatever the fuck that means. People should stop using that term, so I will be the first one to do so. </rant>

More DF nonsense

You know, I really wasn’t hoping to have to make another one of these posts, but I feel like I had to now that I have witnessed some of the dumbest shit I never expected to be a problem. Truth be told, I figured Toady was a competent programmer only seeming slightly incompetent due to the massive scope of this project, but I have come to realize the opposite, because what I just saw is fucking ridiculous.

What is the point of walls? To keep bad things out and good things in, right? Also, they’re good for separating various stuff and creating zones we call “rooms”. Well, if their main strength is supposed to be their ability to block any being trying to pass through them, why is it that I just witnessed three of my fucking military dwarves flying into the fucking moat I had built for defensive purposes? This wasn’t a one-time event. It happened twice: once when two knuckleheads tumbled together collided, sending a spearman neutrinoing through the wall and then promptly followed by a fucktard militia commander being slung through the same wall after a separate collision.

How difficult would it be to create some sort of algorithm that checks whether or not there is a wall in the way? Oh wait, that’s too much to expect. We’re dealing with a history simulator, here, not a game. I would forgive this were it not for the fact that this has apparently been an issue in previous versions dating back at least a whole damn year, such as a certain 0v329000 complaining about the very same issue back in 2014. This is apparently a bug that’s not worth fixing, even though it’s been on the bug tracker for almost two fucking years.

Had I known this to be an issue, I wouldn’t have built my barracks behind a wall next to my moat. Silly me thinking there was enough competent programming in this software not to have walls turn transparent when two idiots collide, sending the lesser flying through the wall with a vengeance.

Yes, I realize this is an unfinished project, and I don’t want to come off as a judgemental cunt, but it’s been two years, for fuck’s sake. Something as dumb as this, which doesn’t seem like a complicated issue, by the way, shouldn’t be a persisting bug for such a long period of time. Once again, the developmental cycle and planning put into Dwarf Fortress are horrid.

Below are some images. Ignore the horribly angled river and incomplete moat full of vegetation.

Got DCcduino? Want drivers? I’s got.

If you’ve got a DCcduino or some other Arduino clone and can’t get it to communicate with any computer, heed the following words:

A DCcduino looks like an Arduino, but it’s not a fucking Arduino because it speaks Chinkese and so can’t communicate with whatever Spanklish-speaking computer you may have tried using for the purpose of communicating with the piece of shit. Because of this very reason, a mutual dictionary has been developed by… some people. This dictionary, which is also probably more appropriately known as a “driver” or a “patch”, mitigates this problem.


As you can see, it’s quite a strange-looking Arduino clone. Why is the processor mounted to the board?

So, where do you get this driver business? Right fucking here: *snip*. Don’t worry about the weird foreign-looking URL or hacker-esque HTML-file. It’s 100 % safe. Maybe. Anyway, have fun creating bombs and shit.

This should go without saying, but don’t actually make a bomb and blow shit up. If that happens, it might just be my ass in jail for inadvertently creating a shitty situation for everybody, especially the people whose pulverized bones and various other innards now lie scattered all over the place.

I give up…

There’s no changing this world. This is absolutely astonishingly bad. Just how incompetent can someone be? Just as I finished work on my previous blog post, I went onto Facebook to check if something had happened. Indeed, something had happened. Now, I’m not a Facebook addict; I quite hate Facebook. The reason I’m mad isn’t because I can’t access Facebook properly, because I honestly don’t give a flying fuck. The actual reason I’m mad is due to the fact that it even happened. There’s a word for this, but hell if I recall what it actually is.

So what is that which is wrong? Remember the post I made just minutes ago, which is actually many hours ago because I scheduled this for posting later, but which in actual reality was written half-an-hour after the previous one I already referred to? Yeah, that one. The YouTube-FuckTube thing with the image I spent an eternity on in PhotoShop because I don’t understand its fuckfest interface. In order to make it look all “proper” and all, I needed to know which fonts were used in the YouTube logo. I looked it up and found a site called “Name That Font” stating that the logo used “Helvetica Ultra Compressed” and the subtitle “Broadcast Yourself™” used “Helvetica Neue 55 Roman”. The former could be downloaded for free on Ephi Fonts, which is weird as it’s for sale for 49 fucking dollars on other websites such as fonts.com. The latter was only for sale, and I couldn’t be arsed paying 49 dollars for a few pixels’ worth of difference compared to the similar font I ended up using for the subtitle, which was “Kartika”, nor could I be arsed to look for a font for a what-should-have-been two-minute project.

Skip forward a few minutes (read: probably a fucking hour), and I published the post. Yay. Happy times. Then I rummage about on the Internet until I stop at Facebook, and I’m met with something like this:

get_out_of_here_with_that_shit____fucking_incompetent_little_shitsSeriously? The entire fucking website is now infected with this horrible font? How difficult is it to make a website which doesn’t change its font based on which fonts you have installed? I installed this font for one purpose, and it just so happened to be a font which Facebook this garbage website is deathly allergic to? You useless, good-for-nothing, overpaid, piece-of-shit programmers and designers! I can’t believe this. Are you so overpaid that you can’t do your jobs? Or… wait… Perhaps it’s the fact that Shitbook is scamming you and giving you shit for salary? *Gasp* An epiphany has been reached!

But regardless, you had one job! Well, you had many, BUT THIS ONE WAS FUCKING IMPORTANT. Scumbags.

P.S.: No, this is not just an issue of mineself:

P.P.S.: It also happens on other websites. I suspect this is a problem which lies with Google Chrome and not just Facebook et cetera. Well, guess what? I guess they better start working on the fucking problem, too! Hop to it!