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Jay O-kaye

(JAY oh-KAY) Noun fancy spelling of “joke”.

It’s a sweet word I just came up with.



Can someone tell me why this is ALWAYS the case? Why do they keep using micro ports on external hard drives when there’s clearly enough space for a full-size B-port? The reason I’m asking is because I currently have a drive that disconnects upon the slightest touch on the USB plug. It’s too thin for something as large as an external 3 terabyte hard drive!

Thang Global –> ThangUSA | feedback & ideas in rantish format

Remember back when I did a Let’s Play of Thang Global? Yeah, I don’t either. The point is that the game is still active, although it apparently has been revived once again. For those of you who don’t know, I will try to explain the story of Thang as I recall it.

Storytelling time!

Thang originally came out back in 2005-06. I have played this version, and I can tell you it’s not much different nowadays than back then. It was shut down in 2010-ish after little feedback and activity from OnGamePort, the “developers”. In fact, I believe there was at least three months of inactivity before the game was shut down. The game was revived in 2011-12 by Jaca Entertainment. After I stopped Let’s Playing the game in early 2012, I later came to find out that the new website, http://www.thang-global.com, was now down. I messaged one of my budz who were a players in the game and got an answer saying something like the following:


I was going to try to find the comment, which I believe was a private message on YouTube, but I couldn’t. Why? Because YouTube is fucking retarded and have deleted the private message as their new Google+ system has taken its place. Yeah, you know, I would actually like to read my old messages sometimes, YouShit. Assholes.

Anyway, the game was given a new website: http://www.thangusa.com. The new website is still up as of 7th December, 2014 (10:39 PM).

Modern times

The reason I am writing this post is to give the game publicity, obviously. However, I am also writing this to give my opinions about it. Whether this post will reach anyone is irrelevant at this point, because I have come this far in writing this post. So, let’s begin.

  • First of all, the controls in the game are terrible. Using the WASD-keys isn’t an option. Rather, players must control their characters with their mice. This would be fine, if not for the fact that it’s often unresponsive; I find I often have to change the camera angle to get my character to move again. By the way, the camera must be rotated by use of the arrow keys. This is not cool when I have to respectively move either my left or right hand from the left side of the keyboard, where the most used keys are, to the arrow keys or from the mouse, which I constantly use, to the arrow keys.
  • Hai rings are stupid. The game gives not explanation as to how to use them and what they do when using them to refine items. There are absolutely no guides anywhere saying what they do, yet there are nine levels of hai rings, each level having two whatevers indicated by (+1) or (+2). This means there are a total of 27 different hai ring types. That’s nice, but what the hell do they do? Do L9(+2) hai rings give a better bonus than L7(+1). How does it work? Fuck’s sake, in Dekaron, for instance, you can put in socket gems in addition to the argate to improve your chances. It also shows the player the CHANCE OF SUCCESS, even taking into account the extra success chance given by the socket gems.
  • The inventory is an absolute mess. This is yet another game that could really use stackable items. I hate when games don’t allow this. For instance, why do four hawk feathers take up as much space as a piece of leather armor? This is nothing but a hindrance to players. This is made worse when items constantly drop. Hey, I would leave the items on the ground, BUT I NEED MONEY TO DO ANYTHING! I need money to refine, repair, put items for sale, buy spells, buy potions, get new gear, et cetera. Are you telling me I can’t have money? Of course, if items were easier to farm like this, they would decrease in price. However, the current refinement chance is so ridiculous and prices of even the simplest of ingredients so high, this is getting to be an issue.
  • Refinement sucks. Seriously. I already covered Hai rings, but this is about the refinement process itself. Not only does it require a shit-load of items, but it doesn’t show you the chance of success. The refinement process is so damn stale and uninteresting, it’s ridiculous. Besides, ARE WE CREATING A WHOLE NEW FUCKING ITEM EVERY TIME WE REFINE? Why does it take so many resources?
  • Stop adding new areas and focus on the issues at hand. Why do the developers not address the issues we have, or the issues at least I have? The controls, for instance. Shit, I even found a duplication glitch. Granted, it was only client-side, but it temporarily duplicated my stone sword when I tried to move it and place it over a red pebble or something. It’s like the game has a built-in CheatEngine!
  • Advertisement is a damn issue. This game has absolutely no advertisement campaigns, and the community suffers as a consequence thereof! There are almost no people in the lower-level areas: Forest of Darkness, Forest of Chaos, Kine Desert and Entrance to Swamp! I haven’t even seen anybody in the first three, and in FoC I have only seen a couple guys killing off that crazy red Jabak boss. In EoS, there was a lone guy killing off Rombuacs. Seriously, back in 2007-08, there were plenty of people running around in these areas! I had to fight for my own hais spawned by the Hai-Ul, and even got someone pissed at me for nabbing their L5 hai ring at the Jabak-zone in FoD! These days, those luxuries are long gone, <!– becaues because nobody fucking joins the game anymore; only veterans play. Try advertisement. It works most of the time… sometimes. Still, it’s worth a try. Hey! I’m doing it right now! FOR FREE! WHERE’S MY FREE LUNE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Oh my God, the chat in this game needs an overhaul as well. You need to be level 30 to shout and level 50 to roar? Give me a break! Why are these limitations here.Yeah, it’s to prevent spamming. Alright. Well, I don’t see why people constantly saying “WTS BLAHBLAHBLAH 4M EA!” isn’t considered spam. A trade chat would have been be nice.
  • The environmental effects suck. It’s just an annoying gray fog. Thankfully, you can turn it off, but it still sucks.
  • I hate the trading in this game. I’m not talking about conventional player-to-player trading, but the vending system. You can sell things here, but you can’t request items. For instance, you could set up a list of items you would like to buy and how much money you are willing to offer for it. I recall another MMORPG I have played that did this, but I can’t recall which. I rather like that idea.
  • Skills are ridiculous. Why are some of them only available through monster drops? It’s a SKILL: an abstract term describing what someone is able to do. It’s not a tradable item. For fuck’s sake, you can even trade a fully leveled skill for money, and yet you still have to retrain it? This is not how skills work, ‘tards. I don’t care what anyone else says: This is not a good system. One could come up with the argument that someone trading their “skill” to another player is a form of “teaching” that player how to use said “skill”. But then, why does the former “owner” of that “skill” lose his/her ability to perform and utilize said “skill”? It’s asinine! And no, they’re not spells. They’re fucking skills. The only spells in this game are performed by the On-Du-Sham, but this system applies to both them and the two other classes, Rian and Kanhoa.
  • Lune stackables are also a serious issue, because people who don’t want to or can’t pay for lune can’t have stackable potions. Right now, I have a bunch of +120 HP and +120 MP potions sitting around that I occasionally use. I got these for free when I started, though I’m reluctant to use them up, because I know I’ll regret it if I do. I suppose the fact that I bother writing such a long article blog post about the game should inspire me to donate to the game for lune, but it doesn’t. That’s because the game isn’t worth my money if these issues remain unaddressed. Oh, and why is it called “donating”, when one in reality is actually purchasing something in exchange for that “donation”. It’s not a donation, ThangUSA developers: It’s a purchase.
    P.S.: If the links to the database above are broken as a result of the website’s inevitable shutdown, refer to the following Wayback Machine links: +120 HP | +120 MP


I could probably think of more things, but it’s 00:03 AM right now, and I really don’t want to continue, sitting here all night. Hopefully, someone reads this, particularly someone with connections to the developers. I’m not going to “advertise” this post anywhere, because I am stubborn enough to believe someone will find the post. I don’t fucking know.

Dekaron Rising – False expectations

Last night, I published a post about how much I despised Dekaron in its current state. In short, the reasons were as follows:

  • Players can level too quickly
  • There is far too much money (dil) in circulation; massive inflation
  • Community is shit
  • Quests are fucking pathetic, and many have been removed
  • Extremely poor quality overall

I am not at all interested in playing this game anymore, because it has turned into a fuckfest overflowing with EXP and dil. To address this issue, I tried searching for posts that could give me some information as to why this happened. I didn’t really find what I wanted, because I noticed Dekaron Rising and immediately derailed my search in favor of trying this out.

Well, I’m not impressed. In fact, it sucks. This server is complete garbage. There is absolutely no reason to play on this private server, because it really is the actual game with some extra added features that I couldn’t give less of a fuck about. I was hoping leveling was more streamlined and that quests were more abundant to add more diversity to the leveling experience. Was this to be the case? NO! This Dekaron Rising is, as stated above, nothing but Dekaron with some extra added features. It has the same fucking issues, perhaps excluding inflation issues. As for the community, I couldn’t tell, because I played for about ten minutes and reached level 16 after killing one single fucking moth outside Ardeca.

In case nobody has noticed yet, I hate games where you can reach maximum level so easily. One of the reasons I played RuneScape for five years, plus minus some months reserved for breaks, is because it didn’t hand you free stuff and levels. No, you had to WORK to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. I know, ridiculous, right? Adding to that, it’s not a pain in the ass to register an account. You see, I tried creating an account on the site. Did it work? Of course not! I got this “Error: special chars.” message. Not only that, but the little JavaScript popup has to be the shadiest-looking registration window I have ever seen! It doesn’t even hide your password as you type it! If you can’t integrate the registration process into your website, DON’T FUCKING BOTHER WITH IT AT ALL!

I really was hoping this server wouldn’t be a complete piece of shit. It was, and I feel bad for my router, which had to reluctantly route the game to me; my computer, which had to process the entire thing; my wireless USB receiver, which had to receive the piece of shit; and my GPU and screen, which respectively had to process and display this garbage.

And no, I’m not giving the server another chance. Fuck that shit. I’d rather go play World of Warcraft if I wanted to level quickly. At least WoW has a community and doesn’t lag like a bitch.

Dekaron rant (2014)

Remember that game Dekaron? I did a “Let’s Play” of it about a year and a half ago, which I have mixed feelings about. Let’s Plays aside, I decided to return to the game to see how it had changed during the time I wasn’t playing it.


I used to have mixed feelings about this game: The slow grind was tedious, and I quit at around level 57 during my first season of playing the game, and at level 61 during the Let’s Play. I started playing this game today, the 4th December 2014, on a new character. I’m already level 29. Are you fucking kidding me?


My issue with the game is mainly that you level too fast. Seriously, way too fucking fast. Each quest gives 50-120k EXP at level 20, and each level is like 40k EXP. Nexon, are you out of your minds? What the fuck have you done to this game? “Oh, well, uh… We just want players to get to level 150 as quickly as possible so that they have all the content unlocked!” So, you remove Loa and Braiken, fuck around with the map layout for absolutely no motherfucking reason, and then proceed with using your tiny, peanut-sized “brains” to increase EXP-gain tenfold? Whoever thought this was a good idea can go fuck themselves with a rusty spork. This game would be garbage enough with just this, but it’s even worse.

Do you know what the worst part about this is? The fact that you can’t find a single soul willing to join a party in the lower-level areas, i.e. places like Deneb. Instead, you have a bunch of fancy-schmancy glowing people with ANGEL WINGZZZZ sitting on their ass, selling random shit for hundreds of millions of dil:

dekaron 2014 12 04 22h 04m 39s 0941


The second biggest issue I have found is the inflation going on: There is a lot of it. I would kindly like to tell Nexon and whomever else is developing the game to STOP FUCKING AROUND. Hearken, you fucking idiots! Here are some of the issues:

First of all, the Akris. What is wrong with this creature? It’s quite obvious: The fact that it drops argates, magic-divine-superweaponizing stuff and tens of thousands of gold, starting at area one, no less!

dekaron 2014 12 04 21h 19m 10s 0369

You have got to be kidding me! I’m a level 14 with 100k dil, a copper argate and a nium thingamabob! As if that wasn’t enough, the niums are on sale for anywhere from 10 million to 500 million dil. I would not at all be surprised if people actually bought the things at those prices, mostly because I estimate the total amount of dil to be at least over nine thousand trillion at this point!


They won’t accept my party invites…

[insert image I thought I had here]

They act like twelve-year-old homophobes…

dekaron 2014 12 04 21h 42m 31s 0989

Not that I’m surprised… AND NO, I DON’T WANT TO PVP WITH YOU, YOU FUCK!

People just sit on their fucking ass all day…

dekaron 2014 12 04 22h 04m 51s 0643

Oh, and don’t forget that level 50 billions enter level 10 areas to reap their daily rewards:

dekaron 2014 12 04 21h 36m 53s 0275

Quality-tested  Garbage-tested

This game has absolute shit quality overall:

Go to hell! You can’t be serious! This is inexcusable! You’ve got some parts of the game that are written in mostly passable English, but then there are these retarded exceptions that make no sense, such as the obvious bullshit IN THE CHARACTER CREATION MENU AND EVEN IN SKILLS’ TOOLTIPS! Hey, Nexon! Are you analphabetic? You want our money? Give us our money’s worth, you moneygrubbing whores!


This game has turned into pure cowshit. Ye olden days of killing spiders and agamas are over, for now the age of “everybody-is-level-180-HOORAY” has begun! It’s pretty much following the same path as World of Warcraft and RuneScape, although World of Warcraft and RuneScape are both a lot less radical about their changes.

If I were to rate this game three years ago, I would give it a pizza with some bacon and cheese out of ten. However, these days, I give it a noodle out of ten. PLOT TWIST: THE NOODLE IS ALREADY EATEN BY NEXON!