21 hours

21 hours. That’s all it took for me to grow sick and tired of Cities: Skylines. After spending too much time trying to figure out why the game kept crashing when I tried to save, I finally gave up on the game just now after building a dam which is currently not working. I was told it would produce some 1080 odd megawatts. Well, it ended up producing 16, six-fucking-teen, megawatts even though it’s tall as fuck and flooded half the upstream riverside neighborhood.

Don’t even get me started on the traffic bullshit. We’ve got garbage trucks not planning ahead, vehicles of all kinds jamming because the dumbfuck A.I. keeps forcing all cars that want to go straight into the same lane, which causes problems when there’s already a kilometer-long queue of shit and the vehicles are trying to squeeze into the queue instead of just switching lanes before reaching the absolute fuckfest of a mess.

I’ve got some screenshots of silly nonsense that I found extra dumb. I guess this is as good a time as any to upload them.


What? How is the area already occupied? The highlighted road apparently already occupying the area is on the other side of the roundabout you stupid twat!


What is this? Why would you even suggest such a stupid shape? The worst thing is one could probably get this to work somehow.


I don’t think firetrucks are supposed to block both lanes like this. If this were a one-way road, it would be a fire hazard, although the firetrucks may not have blocked both lanes then… whatever. It’s still stupid.


Let’s water the plants instead of fighting the fires! Great idea!


Again! How is the area occupied by a piece of road on the other side of the planet?


Oh yeah, here’s the dam that didn’t work. Notice the water level. It’s like twice as high as before the dam was built. You know, before the MASSIVE waste of time, energy and money? Also: 16 MW. Fucking atrocious.

I am sick of this game, and it only took 21 hours. After much ado with crashing and now the bullshit with the dam, I have run out of patience. The game isn’t even that good. It’s mediocre at best. It’s good for short hour-long bursts of gaming, but it’s an awful game for playing over longer periods of time. Stay away from this trash if you’re expecting long nights of enjoyable gameplay: you’ll most likely not be able to play it, anyway. Just go play Dwarf Fortress or Skyrim or something; really any game that’s not broken beyond belief.

And, no, I have no mods installed. They’re all disabled. It reduced the crashing by 5 % or something. Listen, @colossal_order, stop making #shittygames @idiots. Maybe you should #makebettergames and #stoprippingofftwitter. #downwithshit #fuckcitiesskylines #thisisparodyorwhateveridontcarestfu.


Cities: Shittier Programming

Nope. This game is still shit. Even without an ounce of modding, it still crashes retardedly often when I try to save. Not one game has done this before. This is by far some of the worst software¬†I’ve seen that’s this close to AAA.

Seriously, a game like this without a functioning saving system is fucking trash. I’d avoid it for sanity’s sake.

Update: well, I think every¬†city-building game I’ve tried seems to have this problem. Guess they’re all shit, too.