Wow… I suck…

You may have noticed that I have started “Let’s Playing” PlanetSide 2. Well, if not, fuck you that’s fine. The game’s alright… I guess, but… uhhhhere’s my take on things… my first impressions…

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RGG’s Latin Lessons – How Far I’ve Come #1

This is how far I’ve come:




Found this lying piece of shit:


Are you saying I believe in this shit? Well, if so, check this Wikipedia article! Research: something you do before you jump to a conclusion!








Oh, and for comparison:

Screenshot_89 Screenshot_88


Fuck doomsday, go Latin

I’m learning Latin, so stfu about doomsday. Nothing has happened to the Australians, so we should be alright. Anyway, I’m just studying for myself, with a book the library “ordered” for me. I’m thinking of keeping this for a while. As for Rygusmul… It’s going to have to wait for a while.

Now, I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking that I’m “a fucking idiot who should learn Russian, German, French or Spanish instead of shitty Latin”. Why? Why the fuck would I? I can’t be arsed learning a completely new alphabet, so fuck Russian. German I already kinda know. French is for fucking gays. Spanish is the most retarded language ever. Seriously, it’s not even a language. Whenever someone says something in Spanish, it sounds like they’re blabbering rubbish or something.


Fucking hell this is going to take a while!





mah gawd nuthin happened! its 00:02 nao!


RG² News – Release No. 2

This is RudeGuyGames bringing you the first release of “RG² News”!

Today, we will cover these topics:

  1. Current Rygusmul statistics
  2. Minecraft?
  3. Redstone thoughts

☠WARNING: This post may contain many profane words. Proceed with caution! ☠

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