Sad linguistic news

Unfortunately, Rygusmul has been discontinued. I have decided that the language is much too similar to Latin, and the system on which it is being built is extremely fragile.




Lange Rigusmuli

August 2012 – January 30th 2013


I will upload all documents that have been made… well, those most up to date. Click below to see them.

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PlanetSide 2 Offline Session Stats (OSS) – 28th January, 2012

The OSS I had yesterday was moderately okay-ish. I recorded parts 28 and 29 (?? Perhaps 27 and 28 ??), and they sucked BALLS. Seriously, all I did was rage. I’m not looking forwards to uploading those. In fact, I feel like I shouldn’t upload them because they are fucking bullshit and probably wouldn’t be enjoyable for anybody to watch. I certainly didn’t enjoy it, and I even stated in the video that I wasn’t going to even bother editing them because they turned out to be such fucking bullshitty and crappy videos. So, there will be no editing in those two videos, I’m afraid. Also, please skip them. I’ll name them something to remind you on that, I assure you.

Click below for stats.

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Fuck PlanetSide 2

Fuck PlanetSide 2. I’m not playing that game anymore. Tonight, I have recorded the two last episodes of that fucking piece of shit game, and I’m not going to go in further detail as to why they were the two last episodes I’m going to record. Also, why am I so fucking slow at typing? It feels like my hands are made of fucking titanium or something. Fuck my hands. Fuck this game. Fuck Sony Online Entertainment. FUCK EVERYBODY PLAYING THIS GAME! (a little rough, but it’ll do as a final statement). 

I am completely stumped……

Today, I figured I might as well work with my language. I added a few nouns to the list, but then I stopped. Why did I stop? Tune in next time on RGG’s Radio Mysteries for the conclusion of today’s CREEEEEEPY STORRRYYYYY….. Not really. I actually stopped because I have lost the will to continue the language development. When, or if, I finish the list, what will I do with it? How long will it take to develop the adjectives dictionary? How long will it take to create sub-clauses? Preposistions? How do I create question-clauses? What about adverbs? I can’t copy Latin directly! You see, Latin has been my main inspiratory language for the creation of Rygusmul, but I don’t see why I couldn’t create my own grammar. However, the problem is that I don’t know how. I see only Latin in my language, Rygusmul.

My next idea is to find out more about grammar and how it works. I’m really at a loss, stumped, perplexed… How do I develop this language any further? Should I stop developing it and begin on a new language completely from scratch? I have kept myself puzzled over this for days now. Should I study agglutinative languages? That is, languages like Turkish. However, if I want to do that, I must either learn more about agglutinative languages, or spend a decade or two trying to develop some sort of algorithm for sentence structuring of my potential “agglutinative language”. It would make the language sound, and look, more professional, or rather original and seamless.

Again, I don’t know what to do. I have no clue. At all. I just know that I will try to figure out what to do. This is one of the main reasons I have not worked on the language, as well as one of the reasons I have posted so few blog entries regarding Rygusmul.

I’m just completely stumped!

I̮̗̗̭̭̪̼̼͕͔̿̾ͥͩ͒ͧͅ’m̫̳̠˸̨̧̖̩͓ͨͫ p̛̼̪̈́́̾̿̃ͦͥ͂͜͠i̜͎̿̽͛͛͛ͪͣͤͥͧͦ̚s̡̜̮̫͖̼͉̉̽́͆͒ͪ͌ͯͪ̓̍̚͞ş̵̛̩̻̱̱̱̱̲̲̲̮̊̀̽̂̌̑ͪ͂͂̿̿͐ẻ̶̯̘̱̱̱̳͚̙̭̯͊͑̿ͧ͒͐ͦ͘͝d̵̷̸̨̰̞̩͉͇̮̮̮̮̖̖̺͒͊͌͛ͤ͐̉̍̚̕͟

I don’t care if you don’t care; just know that I̮̗̗̭̭̪̼̼͕͔̿̾ͥͩ͒ͧͅ’m̫̳̠˸̨̧̖̩͓ͨͫ  p̛̼̪̈́́̾̿̃ͦͥ͂͜͠i̜͎̿̽͛͛͛ͪͣͤͥͧͦ̚s̡̜̮̫͖̼͉̉̽́͆͒ͪ͌ͯͪ̓̍̚͞ş̵̛̩̻̱̱̱̱̲̲̲̮̊̀̽̂̌̑ͪ͂͂̿̿͐ẻ̶̯̘̱̱̱̳͚̙̭̯͊͑̿ͧ͒͐ͦ͘͝d̵̷̸̨̰̞̩͉͇̮̮̮̮̖̖̺͒͊͌͛ͤ͐̉̍̚̕͟


So, I broke my “promise” of recording a video today (yesterday because it’s past midnight). I don’t have any specific plans for any videos. World of Tanks sucks because people are so stupid and the game is getting sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. I played some PlanetSide 2 for a couple of hours a while ago. However, I don’t think it’s such a good game to record. Unless I come to the conclusion that I’m going to record more WoT or PS2, the next time you will hear from me on YouTube (video-wise) is when “Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs” gets released.

So, bis dahin, asperi manete!