So, I made a new profile at, and this popped up when I tried to edit my public user page:



Seriously? I am so tired of all the bullshit! You’d think some of it would work, but no! Of course not! Why the fuck would anything work? That makes sense, and making sense doesn’t make any sense! Of course! That makes sense! Wait, it can’t make sense, because that stuff that does make sense, makes no sense! THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE! !!!!! ! !! ! !!1321314132!”¤!”¤#”$@$”!!!

If you’re interested in the whole text I wrote, it was like this: (CLICK “MOAR”)

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HOLY SHIT THIS TAKES A LONG TIME! This has taken, what? Two hours? God damn, Christ Almighty, may Satan ban this shit to hell!


I swear to God, this thing has been going on for two hours and a half, and it’s still not done. The file size is about 700MB, so what the hell?

Silly, silly YouTube

YouTube is so silly. I press the reply button, and it’s so silly, it won’t let me reply to the silly comment. It’s so silly, I have to refresh the page with the silly F5 button for the silly thing to actually work (like a non-silly button). Also, I failed to partmakeydoodleydeidol (I failed to numerate the parts correctly) parts 94-120, so I had to do that, there, too.

Info about “Let’s Play Guild Wars 2”

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have started uploading World of Tanks Let’s Plays again. The reason I did this was because, honestly, Guild Wars 2 actually sucks big throbbing c*ck compared to WoT at the moment. I really don’t get the big kick out of it, though World of Tanks gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I’ve done something good. Also, the Guild Wars 2 videos, though lesser in resolution, actually grow to massive sizes. I just don’t understand why 😦 I guess it’s more colorful? Because of this, I can’t be arsed uploading Guild Wars 2 anymore. I still have the files, so don’t worry (though I don’t know WHY you would worry at all), I will upload them sometime. I just won’t record in a long, long, long time.