… and so a new English adjective was born.

It seems I have created a completely new adjective which gives me no results on Google. I came up with it on this video, where I of course have to overcomplicate things, but it turned out fine after all.


Itaque novum verbum anglicum conceptum erat.

P.S.: Breve post parvum studium verbum anglicum meo similis Victionario inveni: “retiary” verbum rem aliquam retibus comparandam notans.



Well, kinda. You all know I study Latin on my free time. While that makes it sound like I’m some sort of Latin fanatic, I really am not. What it means is that I have a higher-than-average interest in the language for linguistical reasons. Really, the entire reason I started teaching myself Latin is to grasp how a language functions better, and I realized learning Latin might be the way to go. Continue reading

“Ignis Frigidus”

“Cold Fire” has now been translated and is available for download. Translating this was a pain in the ass because of all the vocabulary I have never encountered. I fully expect this to be full of errors, so please do report any mistakes you find.

Download the translation here. [PDF]



Nasus ad me exitium portat.

No translation work done today, because my nose decided to act up and burn like a motherfucker. Add to that the heat.

Oh yeah, I better work on smaller words, too; apparently, I didn’t know what “usque” (all the way) or “nuper” (lately, a short while ago) meant. I’m focusing too much on the obscurities.

Tam miser sum ut ullam excusationem pigrandi causa inveniam.


New “Translations” page

I have created a depository for all my translations in the future. It will for now contain only the translations I do of ThreeToe’s stories, but I might do something else in the future.

Click here to go to the page.


“Itinera Gornonis”

“The Adventures of Gornon” has now sloppily been skimmed through and is now available for download.

Download the translation here. [PDF]

By all means, DO REPORT ANY MISTAKES YOU MAY FIND TO ME. This is paramount.


“The Adventures of Gornon” translation complete

I just finished translation of “The Adventures of Gornon“. Ugh, counting the time this took, I realize just how fucking awful it would be if I’m going to translate all the stories. I don’t even know if I’m going to get anything out of this, seeing as how much of the vocabulary required to translate is quite obscure to me.

I’ll have to look over the translation tomorrow and see if it’s fine. Hopefully I’ll actually do it instead of postponing the entire thing ad infinitum like I usually do.