The Great Republicization

I have republicized a bunch of videos on my channel that I had previously privatized due to the terrible quality I deemed them to have. However, they are now, once again, viewable in their crappy, shitty, turdy, whatever-other-fecal-words-you-may-have-y glory. I figured they may as well serve as a reminder to those who suck balls that they are not the only ones that suck balls and not just sit rotting on some server far, far away.

Besides, if I were ever to upload more videos, I would choose some other website than YouTube; like hell am I going to bother with the clusterfuck of triggered fuckboys and abusers of the shitty copyright system that flags everything and everyone for removal. Thus, I have no reason to care whether my channel is clogged with nonsense anymore. YouTube can choke on a dick, for all I care.



That symbol means “Ace Tanker”, a title given to players who do good on a specific tank, specifically getting more experience from one battle than 99% other players who play as that tank… Not only that, but…

wow... neat...

That’s “steel wall”, “top gun”, two medals I don’t remember the name of, “sharpshooter” record, and the “Ace Tanker” title. I do remember what the medals’ requirements were. To get the first one, you have to kill 8 or 9 tanks, I think. For the second one, you need to kill 5 tanks (on the enemy team) while you are the only one left alive (on your team). 

I am probably making too much of a deal out of this, but this is very much unlike me. In fact, I have never done better in this game. I am proud of myself, and I now realize, that in tier 6 battles, I do good after all. Tier 8? Not so good, but I can penetrate some heavies here and there, albeit rarely.


These are the stat(use)s of all players. Dead, dead, dead, dead, ALIVE!

very good stats i r must say

:O!!! This is so not me… except it is…

I do consider this to be luck, still.


Btw, this beat my top-kills-in-one-battle record on the PzIV, going up from 5 to 9.


A World of Tanks player’s worst nightmare…

… being alone, with victory being completely possible. I was the only one left on my team, and there was a tier 5 and 6 tank (Churchill I is the tier 5 tank. Can’t remember the tier 6, but it was a TD). I was at ~200 health points, so I knew I would be destroyed in one shot, should I ever get shot by the TD. To my surprise, I kill them both. So, I sniped KV-1, pwned a KV-1S in close combat, and saved my team by mere luck. That last shot when I hit the TD… I was so sure I was going to miss, and then the TD would disappear, then reappear, and, finally, kill me.

The picture below shows just how lucky I was.


r u srs

Yes, I did record this. It’s in one of my videos, though it won’t be uploaded in a long-ass time. You know, internet connection = 512 kbps upload speed.