Miscellaneous January Rant

Hey, just stopping by to say hello and rant a little bit. I’m just going to keep things as short as possible and not include a bunch of overly complicated sentences and otherwise well thought out paragraphs which the super1337 bl0ggerz seem to have no problems with. Anyway, this is a rant. Surpr1ise! RudeGuyGames’s here with a rant! Who’d’ve thunk it? I’m here to talk about mainly four things: PlanetSide 2, WildStar Online, YouTube and “violent games demonize our kids and turn them into murderers wolololololol”. The first and third ones shouldn’t come as a surprise, the second and fourth ones less so. I would talk about RuneScape, Breaking Bad, my current plans for my channel, school (fuck school), internet retards, Google being worse than a widow in a handbag shop, and just other random crap, but that’d require too much time, and nobody’d want to listen to (read) my rambling, anyway.

Fuck introductions; let’s just get going.

PlanetSide 2

Or Planetside 2 or whateverthefuck. If you’ve seen my Planetside 2 videos, which by the way are now unlisted because they sucked massive ballsack, you’d know how much I sucked at that game. I have generally become more “skilled” at the game, though I use that term loosely… I don’t know what a “loose term” is, so I’m just sticking to “relatively”, then. It’s a relative term, because I still suck ballsack at the game, albeit not as much as I used to. Nowadays, the only things that are able to kill me are these God damn overpowered mongoloid nolife pro MLG players with shotguns, aimbots and health hacks……. Speaking of which, SirKnight123 on Cobalt uses one. I don’t know if he’s banned, though. Anyway, I don’t suck as much as I used to, so that’s good, I think. That’s not going to stop me from ranting, though.

My main problem with Planetside 2 these days is that IT’S SO FUCKING MONOTONOUS AND POINTLESS, IT’S DRIVING ME THE FUCK NUTS!!! Seriously, I just rage quit the game because I figured there’s no reason for me to just shoot a guy, die, die, and shoot a guy again, all for, what, an infinitely endless battle between men in spandex suits, a bunch of socialists and a republic reminiscent of the SPQR? I don’t think so. All it is is a giant zergfest full of random people that NEVER FUCKING TALK. Seriously, I’ve spoken to, like, three people over the last two weeks. The only way I’m going to be able to have a chat with someone is if I start the conversation. It’s not like anybody else is going to talk!

Finally, there’s the stupid certifications. Why do they take so long to obtain? Fuck’s sake, if it was a game actually worth spending more than an hour a day on, sure, but this game is nothing but a fucking monotonous grind full of people who do nothing but zerg and camp for certs. It makes me sick. Okay, here’s how to improve the game:

  1. Make the game’s strategy involve more than just a mindless zerg. It’s a numbers game. There’s no skill involved. There’s no penalty for dying. Oh, a low K/D ratio. Big fucking deal. The gaming community is being brainwashed by these obsessive, perfectionist “elites” insisting on high K/Ds. I hate love to break it to you, but that K/D is nothing but a fucking number. In Planetside 2 , if you get TK’d (teamkilled), you get a lower K/D. Also, zergs count towards the death count. Are these legitimate deaths? Not in my book. Sure, teamkilling occurs in the real world, too, and zerging is a form of tactic nonetheless. However, when there is no other strategy than mindlessly storming into enemy territory, quickly grabbing the base before the enemy has a chance to react, and move on to the next base, there’s no excuse. Planetside 2 is nothing but a zergfest. I have an idea: let’s make death permanent. If you die, you’re dead, and you have to start over. This is brutal, but hey, I think it promotes strategy… Or not. People are just going to zerg to make sure they lower their chance of dying. You know, safety in numbers. No. Fuck this game.
  2. Make certs less time-consuming. Again, it’s not like I’m a lazy ass not willing to work for my certs, XP or what-have-you, but this game trivializes the time spent and makes you buy the damn weapons you want with real money. Get this: a weapon costs 10 dollars at most. Also, get this: in most countries in the first world, you earn at least 10 dollars an hour. The equivalent of this amount of money is 1000 certs. I average at minimum around 20 certs an hour. I realize it’s not that good. Fuck off. 20 certs an hour to 1000 certs is, what, (1000 / 20) hours? 50 hours… So, you’re telling me that it’s going to take me 50 hours to get a damn weapon that’d’ve cost me 10 dollars… Balance, you cunts! Fucking balance! Why are weapons so spaced in value, anyway? It’s not like a 1000-cert weapon has a major advantage over a 100-cert weapon! SOE, read point 3, if you will.
  3. SOE needs to be less retarded.
  4. Work harder. Where’s the new map that was announced five years ago? How about applying the lattice system to Amerish? How fucking difficult is it? Here’s the thing: I don’t program. I can hardly program an Arduino. However, everybody at SOE is being paid to program and design their MMOs, so why are they delaying these updates so much? Maybe if they weren’t so retarded we’d have the continent by now? Seriously, the two other continents have the lattice system. What’s taking so long to copy and paste your code? You already know how it works, so just apply it to Amerish!
  5. Stop making the game such a fucking cakewalk! It’s like: you die, oops, better respawn, then! Death is nothing but and inconvenience! Here’s an idea: for every death, subtract 5 cert points. I know I just said cert points were slow as hell to obtain, but here we go. Extend respawn times to two minutes. To counter this, have no respawn timer at the warpgate, spawn there and GET YOURSELF A FUCKING ORGANIZED SQUAD AND GET IN A FUCKING GALAXY INSTEAD OF ONE-MAN-ARMYING!

I could go on further, but I have other things to discuss. I’m parched, too…

WildStar Online

With around 150 000 likes on Facebook, WildStar Online is an upcoming MMORPG by Carbine Studios. Apparently, 17 developers make up the company, all of them developers at Blizzard during the World of Warcraft era before any expansions. While this isn’t really a rant, I just wanted to forward this message. WildStar Online is a game I’m generally looking forward to, minus the queer humor, but whatever. If you want more information regarding the game, look no further than Corpsealot’s channel on YouTube, or search for “corpsealot wildstar“. I suck at explaining anything, so look up him if you’re interested.


Do I even have to explain this one? Aside from the horrible comment system, the stupid copyright claims and the stupid community, there’s just nothing interesting to see on this website anymore. Again, I’m too tired and lazy to explain any of this. I’m sure you all know it, already.

violent video games make our kids so violent wololololol


Yes, I got lazy at the end. I’m nauseous for some reason. I don’t know why. Oh yeah, and it’s late. A little bit. Late enough. I’m tired.


The shitty headset just became shittier…

So, I have not been uploading much lately, but that’s mainly because of a lack of games I’d like to play, not to mention I am extremely fed up with the entire fucking YouTube community, especially the “top dogs” like PewDiePie, UberHaxorNova, TobyGames, Smosh and other people like them.

However, that’s not the point of this post. I am posting this post because my Roccat Kave headset just went completely fucking batshit retarded. I know what it is. Something happened to the cord where it actually enters the headset. I suspect it’s been damaged somehow. I have absolutely no idea why, but I do think I know how it could have happened: This $100 headset completely fails at all aspects a $100 headset should definitely NOT fail at. It’s heavy as shit, the controller is the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen, and the headset is overall very clumsy. Also, the microphone quality is… not what I expected. My first headset that had a price tag at around $40 had better quality.

“So, what’s up, RudeGuyGames? What’s this ‘broken cord’-thing mean?”

Well, it basically means that the headset makes a fuckton of noise if the cord is in a certain position, meaning I can’t do jack shit with it anymore. I can confirm it’s the cord by realigning the cord, which fixes the noise in certain positions. That’s not to say this headset is only going downhill, and I’m getting a new one as soon as possible. A headset that doesn’t weigh as much as a fucking car tire, and one that isn’t made by Roccat.

The moral of this story: don’t buy Roccat gear. It’s second only to Turtle Beach in overpriced shit, as far as I’m concerned.