Update from SGDQ – 16

People in chat are being retarded once again. Thinking the commentator grill girl was talking about the time, they kept spamming “48 [WHATEVER INSULT HERE]” or something along those lines. The grill girl was actually talking about the donation incentive for the any% run of “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” not having been met, until Yetee donated 10 000 dollas for various incentives.

GamesDoneQuick - Twitch - Google Chrome_2015-07-31_20-04-33


Bad Translator – The test is a poor translation, translators.

Breaking the line of SGDQ updates, I decided to mess around with the Bad Translator. It really is nothing but a translator that uses other translators to translate to and from various languages from English. Below are the results I got.