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Thanks for the help, you fucking twat!

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So, yeah. Thanks for helping me. You know, I would really appreciate it if you would help me IN-GAME, instead of me having to look everything up. It’s not like it’s hard to look some info up or anything, but you SPECIFICALLY say that you are a SOCIAL CLAN that are HELPING EACH OTHER OUT. Read this fucking forum post! You’ll see how big of a lie this post is! “Oh So Duncan” is a pretty nice guy, but hinett o-0…. That is absolutely the worst example of an admin. Perhaps I expressed my opinions a bit too harshly, but it’s the only way this brain-dead fuck of an idiot twat is ever going to get anything through that thick skull. Unfortunately, his own retardation got to him, and he just decided to kick me. Yup. Just like that. *snap*. *boom*, kicked. “You’re no longer a part of a clan.” I can’t say I’m upset about this, but it just irritates me how an admin just can’t tolerate the slightest amount of criticism. My message to you, hinett o-0, is “would you please learn to behave like a real admin, and NOT kick people for expressing their thoughts?”. ’cause you know, this God damn clan really needs some hospitality, because it fucking sucks. 

I hate Agility

I went from level 48 to level 62 in Agility (just finished level 61), and I can tell you that this skill SUCKS A$$! Seriously, SUCKS A$$. MAJOR A$$. I did some calculations, and came to the conclusion that doing the Wildy course to 99 is going to take a week and a half of CONSTANT CONCENTRATION, doing 45 second laps ALL THE TIME! Yeeaaahhhh…. There’s definitely a different way…