Got DCcduino? Want drivers? I’s got.

If you’ve got a DCcduino or some other Arduino clone and can’t get it to communicate with any computer, heed the following words:

A DCcduino looks like an Arduino, but it’s not a fucking Arduino because it speaks Chinkese and so can’t communicate with whatever Spanklish-speaking computer you may have tried using for the purpose of communicating with the piece of shit. Because of this very reason, a mutual dictionary has been developed by… some people. This dictionary, which is also probably more appropriately known as a “driver” or a “patch”, mitigates this problem.


As you can see, it’s quite a strange-looking Arduino clone. Why is the processor mounted to the board?

So, where do you get this driver business? Right fucking here: *snip*. Don’t worry about the weird foreign-looking URL or hacker-esque HTML-file. It’s 100 % safe. Maybe. Anyway, have fun creating bombs and shit.

This should go without saying, but don’t actually make a bomb and blow shit up. If that happens, it might just be my ass in jail for inadvertently creating a shitty situation for everybody, especially the people whose pulverized bones and various other innards now lie scattered all over the place.


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