I give up…

There’s no changing this world. This is absolutely astonishingly bad. Just how incompetent can someone be? Just as I finished work on my previous blog post, I went onto Facebook to check if something had happened. Indeed, something had happened. Now, I’m not a Facebook addict; I quite hate Facebook. The reason I’m mad isn’t because I can’t access Facebook properly, because I honestly don’t give a flying fuck. The actual reason I’m mad is due to the fact that it even happened. There’s a word for this, but hell if I recall what it actually is.

So what is that which is wrong? Remember the post I made just minutes ago, which is actually many hours ago because I scheduled this for posting later, but which in actual reality was written half-an-hour after the previous one I already referred to? Yeah, that one. The YouTube-FuckTube thing with the image I spent an eternity on in PhotoShop because I don’t understand its fuckfest interface. In order to make it look all “proper” and all, I needed to know which fonts were used in the YouTube logo. I looked it up and found a site called “Name That Font” stating that the logo used “Helvetica Ultra Compressed” and the subtitle “Broadcast Yourself™” used “Helvetica Neue 55 Roman”. The former could be downloaded for free on Ephi Fonts, which is weird as it’s for sale for 49 fucking dollars on other websites such as fonts.com. The latter was only for sale, and I couldn’t be arsed paying 49 dollars for a few pixels’ worth of difference compared to the similar font I ended up using for the subtitle, which was “Kartika”, nor could I be arsed to look for a font for a what-should-have-been two-minute project.

Skip forward a few minutes (read: probably a fucking hour), and I published the post. Yay. Happy times. Then I rummage about on the Internet until I stop at Facebook, and I’m met with something like this:

get_out_of_here_with_that_shit____fucking_incompetent_little_shitsSeriously? The entire fucking website is now infected with this horrible font? How difficult is it to make a website which doesn’t change its font based on which fonts you have installed? I installed this font for one purpose, and it just so happened to be a font which Facebook this garbage website is deathly allergic to? You useless, good-for-nothing, overpaid, piece-of-shit programmers and designers! I can’t believe this. Are you so overpaid that you can’t do your jobs? Or… wait… Perhaps it’s the fact that Shitbook is scamming you and giving you shit for salary? *Gasp* An epiphany has been reached!

But regardless, you had one job! Well, you had many, BUT THIS ONE WAS FUCKING IMPORTANT. Scumbags.

P.S.: No, this is not just an issue of mineself:

P.P.S.: It also happens on other websites. I suspect this is a problem which lies with Google Chrome and not just Facebook et cetera. Well, guess what? I guess they better start working on the fucking problem, too! Hop to it!