Fuck fuses!

My computer has hereby fucked up. The power supply is fucked, to be exact. This issue better be fucking fixed by the time school starts, lest I burn the entire fucking house down.

Sorry. A bit of over-exaggeration, there. Still, Komplett.no better know what to do.


My Old RuneScape Memories

I started out in RuneScape in the summer of 2006. I had never played any online games, so this was new to me. My first account, Kirbi90, is the account I remember the most… well, from the beginning, anyway. On Tutorial Island, I could not even get past the first stage, because I couldn’t move the camera. Why? It’s simple. I didn’t read the instructions given to me, and I was probably too inexperienced with the English language back then to understand anything.

I made it past the Tutorial Island, and then the game was open to me… well, membership excluded. I met some friends, even though my English sucked. I even got reported quite a few times! In fact, I hadn’t been reported since the middle of 2008, while I quit (for real) in early 2011. In this entry, I am going to list some of the major happenings that have happened to me during my adventure through RuneScape.

Happening #1: PK madness

This is by far one of the happenings I remember the best. I was with a group of PKers (Player Killers; a group of players who kill players, usually for loot). We were going to our favourite spot: the Hill Giants’ camp. This used to be one of the most prominent PvP spots in the Wilderness, along with the Demonic Ruins and the northern Chaos Altar. What level I was, I cannot remember. I would assume that I was somewhere around level 60~65. We had our own technique known as the “Death Dot.” This was done by gathering all players in one spot, so that on the mini-map, it looked like a single player. Any other unwary player thinking it would be a nice and juicy target would be molested by the group of 3-4 we were consisted of.

One time, we chased down a guy clad with full rune armor. We chased him down, and we killed him. Who got the loot? Whoever dishes out the most damage gets the loot. Who dished out the most damage. Surprisingly, it was me (big surprise, there). I can’t remember my thoughts, but I would assume that I was a bit ecstatic. However, when one is PKing, sharing is the norm… for most people. This didn’t include me. They tried to get me to share the loot, but I refused. I came up with all sorts of excuses, whose exact words I don’t remember. It probably was something like “I need it! I am poor!” And so, they began attacking me. Well, at least the archer on our team. I teleported to Varrock, and the archer followed. He managed to trick me into giving him the rune two-handed sword, since I already had one. This was a little embarrassing. Now, I can’t remember their usernames. I probably have them on my friends list, but they are probably long gone. I should have given them all a share of the loot. By doing this, I fucked up the PK trip. We could have done some more PKing, but I decided to be a greedy son of a bitch, and left without sharing. Shame on me!

Happening #2: The Scam

I don’t even want to start on this one. I had just gotten my first rune set. Where I got it, I can’t remember. I probably bought the platebody at Oziach’s, though. So, I was geared up for monster slaying and dragon killing and set out to the Barbarian Village (of all places). On my way there, I met a guy on the path from Varrock to the village. He said he was going to offer me 200 000 gold coins for my rune set. I, greedy as I was, accepted the offer, and we started trading. He dished out the 200k, and I put in the rune set. He clicked accept, and I clicked accept. Finally, we both clicked accept again to confirm the trade. Seems alright, right? Well, there was one thing I failed to notice: while we were trading, the buyer actually subtracted 180 000 of the coins, so that my total payment would total 20 000 gold coins instead of 200k. The reason I didn’t notice this was because my underdeveloped brain didn’t register the change in numbers. I might have been paying attention to something else, and then clicking accept, without looking at the sum of money. He got his rune set, while I was left with 20k. It took be a while to notice I had been scammed. I was furious, and left the game… for a while….

Happening #3: Karamjan Poisoning

So, I had recently gotten my first month of membership. I believe this was in January of 2008. So, I decided to go exploring on Karamja, an island just west of the non-member zone. Previously, while being a free player, I only had access to Musa Point. However, now I could go beyond the fence blocking the entrance to the jungle of Karamja, and go explore the dangers there.

About midway down the island, I saw a bunch of tribesmen. I decided to kill one of them. They dropped these “trading sticks”. I thought “Hmmm… well, maybe I should grind on these and see if I can’t find a use for these sticks at a later date!” What I didn’t know, however, was that these tribesmen carried poisonous weapons. The poison had a damage ratio of 12, which is quite high, considering I probably had no more than 55 HP (hit/health points). I died. What’s worse? I had full rune on me. What’s even worse? I did the same thing twice. Two sets of rune down the drain. Talk about low IQ.

Happening #4: Free Faction

This one… almost makes my lacrimal glands produce fluids…

I was at the bank in Falador (the southern one, to be precise), and someone were advertising for a clan called “Free Faction”, owned by someone under the name Vivaldi1000, also known as Volcano  X. I thought “Well, I haven’t seen any of my old friends on in a while, so I might as well join,” or something like that. I’m just coming up with theories and ideas,  here. Anyway, I joined the clan, and their website, because it turned out they had one. I played with them for a bit, and became a clan member. I got to know some of the most active members. There was always somebody on, no matter what time of the day it was. There were times when nobody was online, of course, such as in the morning. But in the evening and late at night… well, you could say there was a party… every day. Especially in the weekends.

This lasted for a few weeks until, for some reason, I took a loooooong break from RuneScape. This lasted a few months. I returned, the clan was still up and running. Someone even donated to the clan, so that they could pay for the bandwidth of their website.

Then one day, something happened. I don’t know what. I don’t know who started it, but it happened. The clan members started fighting, and they split up. Today, the only remnants of the clan I know of are owned by someone under the username “Tree Pub”. However, there are many new members there, and the only original Free Faction member I have seen is “3jcw”.



As for my old friends on RuneScape…


Disappeared. I do not know where he/she went, but I will forever remember my first friend on RuneScape. I feel sad that I have lost a friend that gave me money when I needed it, and who helped me when I needed it.


I do not know for sure, but i feel like you were the first friend on runescape. I feel like you came before flurt987. Still, line of order does not matter. I remember you as much as all other friends. You shall be missed. You logged on the day i said i had missed you, and when you logged off, i never saw you again. I thought you were norwegian, hence your name, but you were not.

KyleGiske (changed to “S q u e a lz”)

You might still be on runescape. I do not know for sure, but i hope you are. If you read this, know that i remember you as a friend. We went pking together, and had lots of fun together. it’s just a shame that i didn’t get to record those moments. I wish rudeguygames existed back then.

Juris Doktor

Another player i mistakenly took for a norwegian (or similar). i met you during the waterfall quest during my one-month membership of january 2008, and have seen you online even three years later. Whether or not you are still online, i do not know. i hope you are reading this. if not, then this message will be a reminder of one of my good friends.


For my old English grammar memories, please watch this video:

50 subscribers!

I know this doesn’t seem like much, but hey, at least it’s not 10! Hehe, I know. I’m so funny… not…

Anyway, 50 subscribers, 15k+ video views (not a lot, fyi), and some 30+ contacts! After, let’s see… one, two, three, four months!






‘Aight, back…

I’m back from fuckin’ Bulgaria, and I have to say I must have drunk at least 20 liters of water. (For you stupid Americans, that’s 5.28344105 US gallons.) 40 – 45 celsius degrees in the shade… 104 – 113 Fahrenheit, then… 




* I have pre-ordered Guild Wars 2

* I have bought 2 500 WoT gold… Have I already written that?