The Great Republicization

I have republicized a bunch of videos on my channel that I had previously privatized due to the terrible quality I deemed them to have. However, they are now, once again, viewable in their crappy, shitty, turdy, whatever-other-fecal-words-you-may-have-y glory. I figured they may as well serve as a reminder to those who suck balls that they are not the only ones that suck balls and not just sit rotting on some server far, far away.

Besides, if I were ever to upload more videos, I would choose some other website than YouTube; like hell am I going to bother with the clusterfuck of triggered fuckboys and abusers of the shitty copyright system that flags everything and everyone for removal. Thus, I have no reason to care whether my channel is clogged with nonsense anymore. YouTube can choke on a dick, for all I care.


Last time I play the RuneScape beta…

I was doing dungeoneering in the new RS3 beta when this happened:

Screenshot_535_fuckthisbetaHow in the fuck are we supposed to be able to test a game when it can’t even run properly. I realize it’s a beta, but for fuck’s sake, can’t they understand that people don’t want to play a game that crashes all the time?