The Great Republicization

I have republicized a bunch of videos on my channel that I had previously privatized due to the terrible quality I deemed them to have. However, they are now, once again, viewable in their crappy, shitty, turdy, whatever-other-fecal-words-you-may-have-y glory. I figured they may as well serve as a reminder to those who suck balls that they are not the only ones that suck balls and not just sit rotting on some server far, far away.

Besides, if I were ever to upload more videos, I would choose some other website than YouTube; like hell am I going to bother with the clusterfuck of triggered fuckboys and abusers of the shitty copyright system that flags everything and everyone for removal. Thus, I have no reason to care whether my channel is clogged with nonsense anymore. YouTube can choke on a dick, for all I care.


It’s time: YouTube notifications

I have held back on this for while, but I have to ask: What the fuck happened to the YouTube notification system?

For those not in the know: If you have a YouTube account and actually use said YouTube account, whenever you get a reply on one of your comments or somebody you have subscribed to, and for whom you have activated upload notifications, uploads, you get a notification. It’s like a Facebook (*shiver*) notification, really.

It used to be that these notifications would work in a modular way such that one could just click on the notification bell next to the channel icon in the upper right corner of the web page and select a notification. The notification would then expand dong and allow you to read whatever kind of notification it was. Well, guess what? It doesn’t fucking work like that anymore!

For the entirety of 2017, I have completely avoided the notification system completely, because it now does not allow you to read what the notification is about without having to either leave the current page completely or open up a new tab using the middle mouse button! So, if you have a reply on a comment, the notification tab does not actually tell you that it is a reply to one of your comments on a given video at a given time anymore! It’s just an image of whatever avatar the user in question has and a timestamp, along with a video thumbnail. No context, no username, no indication of the notification’s type whatsoever.

What a fucking joke.

P.S.: Okay, I found a way to discern whether a notification is an upload or a reply to one of your comments: You click the vertical ellipsis in the upper right corner of the notification to expand dong the extra options menu. You will then indirectly be told what kind of notification it is. If the menu says a) “Mute [USERNAME]” followed by “Turn off reply updates”, then it is a reply to one of your comments, and if the menu says b) “Turn off notifications for: [USERNAME]”, then it is an upload from one of the channels, notifications for which you have turned on (wow pretentious English).

P.P.S.: This was actually written on the 8th of August, but for some reason, WordPress decided not to publish it. That’s good. Now YouTube has changed their layout once again, and I have mixed feelings about it. I probably won’t write any more on this subject.

Fix for TES V: Skyrim “Special Edition” not launching

Regarding my absolute meltdown last night due to “Fallout 4” being an absolute crashy mess in V.A.T.S. and the special edition of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” for whatever reason not launching, I seem to have found a fix. It’s the most stupid fix I have encountered yet.

See, whenever there are files missing or certain parts of a program are outdated, we tend to have certain… hrmmm… watchamacallits… oh yeah! ERROR MESSAGES in place! You know, those traumatizing yet helpful messages that tell you what is wrong and thus may give some pointers as to how you may proceed to fix the problem? I’m not including those worthless “oh lol something went wrong for whatever reason you know we’re not going to tell you because our programmers are too fuckign lazy to doa nything right so where just going to ignore you bye”-messages here. Fuck those.

Anyway, I was browsing the Steams and decided to search for “won’t launch”, which didn’t bring up any results. Oh… right, people don’t know what “launch” means. So I tried “won’t start”, and I ended up finding this thread. Specifically, the final comment, which mentioned this video, contained the fix I was looking for.

“So then,” I hear you say. “What was it, then, that was your problem, you spastic turd?” I won’t sugarcoat it for you nor anybody else. My problem was that Windows, specifically the seventh version, for whatever reason was missing this update.

As for why it was missing, I have no idea. I have updates turned on — even non-essential ones, I’m fairly sure. How I have not gotten this update over the course of two fucking months is incomprehensible to me. I’m pretty sure my system updates at least once a month, so don’t come here and tell me I was missing some update because it decided to skip it. Fuck that. That is absolutely retarded, and Micro$oft should be ashamed of themselves.

“No Man’s Buy”

Well, the game has pretty much been released as worldwide as it’s ever going to be, and I can pretty confidently say I’m not going to get it. Originally, I was pretty interested in how the game would turn out, but I lost interest over time as I pondered upon the potential deception Hello Games could have been presenting us with over the last few years, or, as is the case with me, the past three months.  Thus, I eventually forgot about the game until the beginning of this here August month now soon halfway gone by, and it seems it wouldn’t have made much of a difference whether I had continued being renewedly oblivious to the game or, as is indeed the case now, recalled that the game was to be released this August; I know for a fact I am never going to buy it.

So far, I have witnessed a review average of 6/10. Sounds like an overpriced piece of shit, if you ask me. No wonder they kept hiding their little game behind scripted trailers and “gameplay footage” videos.

Once again, the skepticism of certain people has been at a worrying low, including mine. I was excited about WildStar. It sucked. I was excited about Guild Wars 2. It sucked. I wasn’t really excited for Fallout 4 because I had kind of forgotten how long it had been since the previous entry. It’s pretty good once you mod out the shitty conversational UI and possibly make some modifications to the shitty-ish survival mode (i.e. the all-or-nothing approach they did in making it). It would seem the moral of the story is something along the lines of: “Fuck the hype – enjoy what follows ignorance”… or some stupid shit like that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll find me something else to play.

The day which only exists a quarter of the time…

Do I crash the Internet by writing this? If so, that might be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who and in which situation you are. I am certainly going for both. If this means the end of YouTube and Facebook, I’ll be all the much happier… Well, the exception being all the videos I like on YouTube permanently disappearing from the face of the Earth, but that’s just a sacrifice one must make.

YouTube’s shitty programmers

youtube-broadcast-yourself-logo_REFINED01Hey. I’m just going to let you know that there has been a problem with YouTube the last half-a-fucking-year. You know that little arrow which when pressed allows you to click the little “Edit comment” button? Yeah, that one. You know what my problem is? I’ll tell you what my problem is…

My problem is that I keep having to convert every character I type which isn’t an alphanumerical character or &quot;simple&quot; punctuation mark back to normal text, because, apparently, YouTube stores the comment in HTML and doesn’t convert it back to the symbols which are now represented by HTML tags after trying to hit the little &quot;Edit <strike>comment</strike>&quot; button or whatever the fuck it’s called. Even apostrophes are affected! I think. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I’m fucking sick of lazy bastard companies who can’t hire people capable of doing anything right. They can’t fucking integrate the comments section into Google+ right, they can’t get the comment editing right, they can’t get copyright right, and they can’t get their fucking search algorithm right! Cunts. *Sigh*

Now all that remains is to include microtransactions. “Pay 50 dollars a month for 1080p uploads and another 30 dollars for 60 frames per second!”

And Happy New Year, I guess…

my compooper is dieing

Moments ago (read: four fucking hours ago), I was about to install “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” on my D: drive. Steam was about to allocate space on the drive when it suddenly crashed and gave me a “something bootstrap something-something” error. I tried restarting Steam, but I got a message saying the path wasn’t found and that I should check if my drive was connected properly.

Apparently, the fucking drive had disappeared. I still had my C: drive and external F: drive as well as my two  flash drives, but the D: drive was gone. I looked it up on the intertubes and found that I should look in the BIOS to see if the drive was found. It wasn’t. I then opened the case to see if the drive was disconnected. It wasn’t. I fiddled a bit with the SATA cable anyway. This time, the drive was found.

That should be the end of my troubles, right? Wrong. Moments later, I look to see one of my fucking flash drives (a Transcend USB 2.0 8 GB whatever-model; serial number 636662 2464) suddenly missing its name (Transcend) along with a “FAT 32” subtitle in the “My Computer” window. Apparently, my flash drive had died in the time I was dealing with my recent predicament. Well, fuck.

I tried moving the stupid thing to my laptop to see if it could be read there. It couldn’t. I noticed the flash drive’s LED was glowing, much like how I would program my Arduino to fade LEDs back when I was actually doing something practical and experimenting on electronics instead of sitting on my fat fucking ass all day playing video games. Anyway, the flash drive had apparently gotten even more ill since I moved it, as it now gave me a message saying (in Norwegian): “Please insert disk into removable media,” or whatever.

“So, how do you fix this?” I hear you ask. Well, the answer is: “You don’t.” Instead, what you do it erase all the fucking data using the JetFlash Online Recovery tool by Transcend. This, in my mind, doesn’t qualify as “fixing” anything. Rather, this qualifies as brute-forcing the shit out of a problem that shouldn’t have existed to begin with. Seriously, what the fuck?


Why are there four versions?


So, I go on Transcend’s website and, not yet knowing of the “recovery tool’s” existence, search for a solution to the problem. I thought the LED indication would have been listed somewhere in the documentation of the flash drive, but no; Transcend is too fucking lazy to write proper manuals and documentations of their products, so there’s a dead end if ever I saw one. I did find the “recovery tool”, however. The problem was there were four versions to download. Plus, I had to disable UAC, which I previously hadn’t cared about, so I had to look that up as well.

I try every version until I decide none of them work and go looking on the intratubez once again to see if there are any other alternative solutions to this problem of mine. It turns out there aren’t, because everybody keeps mentioning this stupid program which doesn’t fucking work. This one video shows the program in action, but it’s of course an older version of the program, which makes the whole ordeal even worse because I don’t even know if my flash drive is  supported by the program nor if the servers for it are still up. That’s right: It’s a fucking “online recovery tool”.

I think the way the “recovery tool” works is it looks up the serial number of the flash drive and checks it with a database or something. That is unless they scrapped that and decided not to do that anymore, because I recall reading something about having to insert the ten-digit serial number in order for the piece of shit to even start the recovery process. Nevermind the fact that the serial number is tiny as fuck and prone to becoming even more illegible over time through wear and tear due to the fact that it’s printed onto the flash drive casing.


This is taking far too long…

Back to the actual story: I finally fixed my problem. The problem I had was I didn’t realize how fucking long I had to wait just to start recovery of the flash drive. I thought the program was just sitting there doing nothing but freezing in its process of “Detecting disk and connecting to host …” It turns out that was just part of the process and that it really was supposed to take that long, which was really misleading.

Having waited for five minutes just connecting, I hesitated actually erasing all the content. I once again looked up alternative ways of going about this. It was just a waste of time, because I had to erase and format the drive no matter what I did. And so I ran the “recovery tool”. My flash drive was finally working again.

After “recovering” my flash drive, I tried running “Recuva” by Piriform and “Wondershare Data Recovery” by Wondershare. Nothing was found. A bittersweet end to a very short story. I guess it’s all gone. Oh well… There’s just one thing about this that I would like to comment on, though:



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