More DF nonsense

You know, I really wasn’t hoping to have to make another one of these posts, but I feel like I had to now that I have witnessed some of the dumbest shit I never expected to be a problem. Truth be told, I figured Toady was a competent programmer only seeming slightly incompetent due to the massive scope of this project, but I have come to realize the opposite, because what I just saw is fucking ridiculous.

What is the point of walls? To keep bad things out and good things in, right? Also, they’re good for separating various stuff and creating zones we call “rooms”. Well, if their main strength is supposed to be their ability to block any being trying to pass through them, why is it that I just witnessed three of my fucking military dwarves flying into the fucking moat I had built for defensive purposes? This wasn’t a one-time event. It happened twice: once when two knuckleheads tumbled together collided, sending a spearman neutrinoing through the wall and then promptly followed by a fucktard militia commander being slung through the same wall after a separate collision.

How difficult would it be to create some sort of algorithm that checks whether or not there is a wall in the way? Oh wait, that’s too much to expect. We’re dealing with a history simulator, here, not a game. I would forgive this were it not for the fact that this has apparently been an issue in previous versions dating back at least a whole damn year, such as a certain 0v329000 complaining about the very same issue back in 2014. This is apparently a bug that’s not worth fixing, even though it’s been on the bug tracker for almost two fucking years.

Had I known this to be an issue, I wouldn’t have built my barracks behind a wall next to my moat. Silly me thinking there was enough competent programming in this software not to have walls turn transparent when two idiots collide, sending the lesser flying through the wall with a vengeance.

Yes, I realize this is an unfinished project, and I don’t want to come off as a judgemental cunt, but it’s been two years, for fuck’s sake. Something as dumb as this, which doesn’t seem like a complicated issue, by the way, shouldn’t be a persisting bug for such a long period of time. Once again, the developmental cycle and planning put into Dwarf Fortress are horrid.

Below are some images. Ignore the horribly angled river and incomplete moat full of vegetation.


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