RGG’s Saturday Shout-out #4 — Kikoskia

I like his British accent, k? K. I don’t really watch his videos, but I enjoy most videos I do watch.

That is all.


RGG’s Saturday Shout-out #3 — One-F-Jef

Channel name: jefmajor
Subscriber amount: 61 908 (as of September 8th 2013, 00:21)

Jefmajor, oftentimes referred to, by himself and his community, as “One-F-Jef”. I guess that’s because his name is spelled out “Jef”, as opposed to “Two-F-Jef” “Jeff”. Just like BikdipOnABus, he is an ordinary Let’s Player. This time, however, I do mean “ordinary”. He is a lot more into the games than BikdipOnABus, though that’s not necessarily what tips the scale in Let’s Player judging. Where BikdipOnABus fails to be hysterically “stoic” in his videos, Jef takes on a more enthusiastic role. He plays a variety of games with passion, or at least what looks like it. He puts a lot of work into his Let’s Plays, and doesn’t stray off course in his videos, id est: he doesn’t go off-topic. It seems some of the more popular Let’s Players have an issue with this. I know I said that as though I knew what the hell I was talking about – which I don’t – but I still remember NintendoCapriSun or whatever blabbering on about how a good Let’s Play is made up of this nonsensical off-topic bullshit. I will obviously end up standing corrected on this, but I personally think a good Let’s Play is based off focusing on the game itself and not straying off course. Anyway, I should take my own advice: let’s go back on-topic. Jefmajor has a large variety of Let’s Plays: Kerbal Space Program, Silent Storm (Sentinels), Black & White, and Bridge It!, just to name a few. If I had to choose between any of these, I’d choose Black & White for humor, whereas Silent Storm: Sentinels would be my main source of casual entertainment. I would also like to note that Stranded II was the first Let’s Play of his I watched. I just thought I’d toss that out there. Oh, yeah, and there’s also the fact that he’s the one who made me download Dwarf Fortress and learn the basics of that game. Well, at least the Adventure Mode of it; I didn’t care at all for Fortress Mode, or whatever, and I still don’t. Also, Prospector. A very little-known game. I also got Anno 2070 thanks to this cheeky bastard. Oh well. I still watch his LPs from time to time, although his most recent are, to myself personally, really just a load of shit. Except for Prison Architect. That one’s actually good. Miner Wars 2081 is also kinda cool. Wait, what am I even talking about? Holy shit, just go to his channel and check him out, subscriber, whatever! Don’t listen to me and my oral diarrhea!

RGG’s Saturday Shout-out #2 — BikdipOnABus

Channel name: BikdipOnABus
Subscriber amount: 15 724 (as of September 7th 2013, 17:53)

BikdipOnABus, referring to his channel as a “Stoic LP Komedy Korner”, is your usual YouTube Let’s Player… almost. What’s his sleevy ace? Well, as he puts it, he’s very “stoic”: he has a tendency to not give a shit about what people think about him, and he has a completely different type of commentary in his videos. He’s not like Toby’s Garbage Games, or Poopy Crappy Cakeface or that sucker Über Crackhead Supernova. Instead, he does what some people find very strange: he acts indifferently to much of the shit that happens in the games he Let’s Plays. His voice is impressively drowsy-sounding most of times, but I notwithstanding find his LPs to be quite interesting and fun to watch. He does rage a couple of times. I don’t remember when, though. Well, I just now searched on YouTube for “bikdiponabus angry” and found a few videos I might find him raging in. Okay, so, let’s list what I found:

Let’s Play Pokémon FireRed Omega – Part 47: Sabrina the Young-Adult *****
Let’s Play Super Demo World – Part 2: B****ing Sand Land
Let’s Play Super Mario Sunshine – Part 5: The Episode in Which Nothing Happens
Let’s Play SM64 CC/All Coins Run – Part 16: I’d Rather Have… A Buffalo…
Let’s Play Ape Escape – Part 25: In Which I Complain About Sonic

That was just to name the obvious ones. He’s not “GRARRRRRRGH FUCKING STUPID GAME I FUCKING HATE THE CUNTS BEHIND THIS STUPID PIECE OF SHIT”-angry like me, but it’s still amusing to listen to. He additionally absolutely loves, and I mean LOVES, to use sarcasm and hyperbolae.
Overall, he tries to be informative and original in his videos (unlike certain people, but anyway, watch BikdipOnABus and maybe even try out his website! He also has two video games: “Bikdip’s Adventure” and “Bikdip’s Adventure 2: Electric Boogaloo“. He also did a Let’s Play of both.

That’s BikdipOnABus for you!

RGG’s Saturday Shout-out #1 — TheStickyPaddle

Channel name: TheStickyPaddle
Subscriber amount: 71 145 (as of September 7th 2013, 16:51)

TheStickyPaddle (owned by some guy named “Mullet Mike“) is an interesting channel, to say the least. While his videos are uploaded relatively irregularly, the videos that are uploaded are pretty good. While I couldn’t give less of a shit about his “thank you”-videos, his random update videos, or his random Let’s Plays, I could give less of a shit about his Creepy Gaming series. It’s basically a show dedicated to showing off (pun not intended) various creepypastas and disturbing aspects of games we all love so much. It’s always cool to get a creepy feeling that someone’s watching you beat a level in a cosmic family game, o-o-or a cheesy dumbass crazy dude in the greatest paradoxical game ever made. Whichever video you watch, there seems to be the recurring curiositas hominis… The human curiosity…

Just watch the fucking videos.