WildStar – Telebots

Up until now, I have been lucky to never have encountered one of these notoriously annoying and fagtastically fucktarded “telebots”. These bots somehow possess the ability to teleport LONG-ASS FUCKING DISTANCES from resource node to resource node. I can understand why it’s difficult to control these bots: if you aren’t careful, you might falsely ban someone who is actually legitimately playing the game, and many bots have measures against automatic bot-detection, if in place. However, what I fail to understand is how these bots can teleport HUNDREDS OF FUCKING METERS OR MORE using teleportation that isn’t even available to normal players!

I think I know how these bots are doing this: they’re manipulating the client, because as far as I’m aware, character movement is done client-side, not server-side, making it a very easy task for botgrammers to create bots to allow players to bounce around like a bag of dicks. All abilities and enemies are executed server-side, but this doesn’t change the fact that bots can move wherever the fuck they want.

Maybe this is just me trying to sound smart. Whatever. Carbine, get rid of the two accounts associated with the reports I gave you, AND GIVE THEM A PERMANENT BAN! Don’t give them some lame-ass, retarded two-week ban as if they’re going to behave afterwards. That’s stupid.

Isn’t it fucking fantastic to have a tooth cavity filled and a first-time encounter with bots in one day?