KSP 1.1.2

<rant> It’s shit. There’s a character limit in the craft description field; the new “upgraded” wheel physics are fucking atrocious on the aircraft wheels because the wheels clip through the housing and allow the housing to get dragged along the ground, latching the craft onto the ground and ripping it apart; the administration building UI disappears for me for no fucking reason apart from what I could only assume to be useless twatty programming; the first aviation package unlocked from the science building thing is obviously haphazardly put together because it’s missing crucial parts, such as an adapter for the TINY FUCKING ENGINE and a radial air intake, seeing how there’s a gigantic, sleek, high-tech cockpit with no attachment nodes included.

It seems most of the time has been spent on the physics and space-faring part of the game, which is logical, but the UI and the way the game is put together seems to be in the order of quality comparable to a pile of donkey feces. Maybe I’m just salty, but the game looks incredibly unpolished. The disappearing administration building UI, for instance, is an annoyance that shouldn’t even be there. Apparently, “no reliable reproduction has been found”. Kiss my ass. You’ve got orbital mechanics and aerodynamics programmed into the game, yet you can’t even fix the fucking UI? Wow. Just wow.

And, yes, I’m salty, whatever the fuck that means. People should stop using that term, so I will be the first one to do so. </rant>


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