RGG’s Saturday Shout-out #1 — TheStickyPaddle

Channel name: TheStickyPaddle
Subscriber amount: 71 145 (as of September 7th 2013, 16:51)

TheStickyPaddle (owned by some guy named “Mullet Mike“) is an interesting channel, to say the least. While his videos are uploaded relatively irregularly, the videos that are uploaded are pretty good. While I couldn’t give less of a shit about his “thank you”-videos, his random update videos, or his random Let’s Plays, I could give less of a shit about his Creepy Gaming series. It’s basically a show dedicated to showing off (pun not intended) various creepypastas and disturbing aspects of games we all love so much. It’s always cool to get a creepy feeling that someone’s watching you beat a level in a cosmic family game, o-o-or a cheesy dumbass crazy dude in the greatest paradoxical game ever made. Whichever video you watch, there seems to be the recurring curiositas hominis… The human curiosity…

Just watch the fucking videos.


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