By the way, I’m on Twitch now…

I just figured I’d let you all know.

Twitch channel: RudeGuyGames @ Twitch


The Great Republicization

I have republicized a bunch of videos on my channel that I had previously privatized due to the terrible quality I deemed them to have. However, they are now, once again, viewable in their crappy, shitty, turdy, whatever-other-fecal-words-you-may-have-y glory. I figured they may as well serve as a reminder to those who suck balls that they are not the only ones that suck balls and not just sit rotting on some server far, far away.

Besides, if I were ever to upload more videos, I would choose some other website than YouTube; like hell am I going to bother with the clusterfuck of triggered fuckboys and abusers of the shitty copyright system that flags everything and everyone for removal. Thus, I have no reason to care whether my channel is clogged with nonsense anymore. YouTube can choke on a dick, for all I care.

Kerbal Space Program Let’s Play imminent

Since everybody and their mother decided to keep their mouths shut and not give me any suggestions, I have to make my own choices. I keep getting some likes, but do I get responses? NO! Anyway, back to the making-my-own-choices-business. I will attempt to make a video tomorrow, which, might I add, is completely irrelevant information for most of you, because nobody reads blog entries as they’ve only just been posted, let alone at night.

As a summary, this is what I can do in the game:

  • I can kind of fly space planes. Oh wait, I can’t. 
  • I can launch satellites into orbit around Kerbin and Mun.
  • I can land on the Mun with a manned cockpit.
  • I just (a few hours ago) learned to land a rover on Mun. It was terrible.

Things I would like to learn during/between the videos:

  • Docking; space stations; refuelling; large spaceships
  • Better rocket-building techniques, as mine suck at the moment
  • More knowledge about the NavBall
  • The terms used in the game, i.e. e.g.: retrograde and prograde burn (yeah, that’s basically the most advanced one I know)
  • Effective fuel consumption

By the way, the rover I made had seven wheels. Don’t do that. It’s really cool-looking, but it’s also rather tipsy when accelerating or decelerating, depending on placement (anterior/posterior).