The Great Republicization

I have republicized a bunch of videos on my channel that I had previously privatized due to the terrible quality I deemed them to have. However, they are now, once again, viewable in their crappy, shitty, turdy, whatever-other-fecal-words-you-may-have-y glory. I figured they may as well serve as a reminder to those who suck balls that they are not the only ones that suck balls and not just sit rotting on some server far, far away.

Besides, if I were ever to upload more videos, I would choose some other website than YouTube; like hell am I going to bother with the clusterfuck of triggered fuckboys and abusers of the shitty copyright system that flags everything and everyone for removal. Thus, I have no reason to care whether my channel is clogged with nonsense anymore. YouTube can choke on a dick, for all I care.


“Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs” playthrough w/commentary (A.K.A. Let’s Play)

The video should be out soon, and when it is, it’s to be found here. There’s also a facecam-less version of every video for those who aren’t fond of facecams 🙂 The links to those videos will be in the description, along with the unlisted facecam-less playlist.

Kerbal Space Program Let’s Play imminent

Since everybody and their mother decided to keep their mouths shut and not give me any suggestions, I have to make my own choices. I keep getting some likes, but do I get responses? NO! Anyway, back to the making-my-own-choices-business. I will attempt to make a video tomorrow, which, might I add, is completely irrelevant information for most of you, because nobody reads blog entries as they’ve only just been posted, let alone at night.

As a summary, this is what I can do in the game:

  • I can kind of fly space planes. Oh wait, I can’t. 
  • I can launch satellites into orbit around Kerbin and Mun.
  • I can land on the Mun with a manned cockpit.
  • I just (a few hours ago) learned to land a rover on Mun. It was terrible.

Things I would like to learn during/between the videos:

  • Docking; space stations; refuelling; large spaceships
  • Better rocket-building techniques, as mine suck at the moment
  • More knowledge about the NavBall
  • The terms used in the game, i.e. e.g.: retrograde and prograde burn (yeah, that’s basically the most advanced one I know)
  • Effective fuel consumption

By the way, the rover I made had seven wheels. Don’t do that. It’s really cool-looking, but it’s also rather tipsy when accelerating or decelerating, depending on placement (anterior/posterior).

PlanetSide 2 Offline Session Stats (OSS) – 28th January, 2012

The OSS I had yesterday was moderately okay-ish. I recorded parts 28 and 29 (?? Perhaps 27 and 28 ??), and they sucked BALLS. Seriously, all I did was rage. I’m not looking forwards to uploading those. In fact, I feel like I shouldn’t upload them because they are fucking bullshit and probably wouldn’t be enjoyable for anybody to watch. I certainly didn’t enjoy it, and I even stated in the video that I wasn’t going to even bother editing them because they turned out to be such fucking bullshitty and crappy videos. So, there will be no editing in those two videos, I’m afraid. Also, please skip them. I’ll name them something to remind you on that, I assure you.

Click below for stats.

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