In these final hours of 2016…

… I would just like to take some time off to write this post that I may wish you all a happy new year of 2017. Hopefully it will be as thrilling a year as 2016. And maybe I’ll stop being a lazy dickwad and actually write something of value instead of spewing my bullshit every waking second of the time spent writing a post.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all!

Disregard this post if it’s already 2017 where you live or if 2017 is already a worldwide phenomenon.


Happy New Year, I suppose…

After having the flu the last few days, I have decided my New Year’s Resolution is to hate the flu ADN school even moar.

By teh way, did any of you make good use of the Steam sale? I did. I frequently voted for the community choice ADN checked the art at the bottom of the page. very k00l.

chekc it otu!!!!!11!1!one!!1!!eleven!1!1!!!1!!21!!!!1111