The shitty headset just became shittier…

So, I have not been uploading much lately, but that’s mainly because of a lack of games I’d like to play, not to mention I am extremely fed up with the entire fucking YouTube community, especially the “top dogs” like PewDiePie, UberHaxorNova, TobyGames, Smosh and other people like them.

However, that’s not the point of this post. I am posting this post because my Roccat Kave headset just went completely fucking batshit retarded. I know what it is. Something happened to the cord where it actually enters the headset. I suspect it’s been damaged somehow. I have absolutely no idea why, but I do think I know how it could have happened: This $100 headset completely fails at all aspects a $100 headset should definitely NOT fail at. It’s heavy as shit, the controller is the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen, and the headset is overall very clumsy. Also, the microphone quality is… not what I expected. My first headset that had a price tag at around $40 had better quality.

“So, what’s up, RudeGuyGames? What’s this ‘broken cord’-thing mean?”

Well, it basically means that the headset makes a fuckton of noise if the cord is in a certain position, meaning I can’t do jack shit with it anymore. I can confirm it’s the cord by realigning the cord, which fixes the noise in certain positions. That’s not to say this headset is only going downhill, and I’m getting a new one as soon as possible. A headset that doesn’t weigh as much as a fucking car tire, and one that isn’t made by Roccat.

The moral of this story: don’t buy Roccat gear. It’s second only to Turtle Beach in overpriced shit, as far as I’m concerned.


One comment on “The shitty headset just became shittier…

  1. rudeguygames says:

    Aaaand now the top fan has stopped working. Fantastic.

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