Time for take three…

Since I am so unbelievably out of touch with the gaming community aside from GDQ and a few other areas, I did not know this was a thing until right now. Apparently, Take-Two Interactive, the publisher responsible for publishing such games as Grand Theft Auto V and Borderlands 2, has decided that enough is enough and that telling OpenIV, a modding tool ostensibly used in an array of mods for Grand Theft Auto V, to cease and fucking desist!

Oi vey, where to begin? First of all, I have never bought Grand Theft Auto V. I have never played it. I have never even seen gameplay of it aside from a few snippets here and there. The reason is simple: I have had other games to play. It’s really that simple. I also saw the torture scene everybody apparently freaked out about, although it’s a really lame scene people’s reaction to which I really cannot feasibly understand. Regardless, I did not want to spoil the game for myself in the case that I actually bought that which I now consider an overpriced game, especially considering the clusterfuck Take-Two Interactive just made.

So what actually happened between Take-Two Interactive and OpenIV? Well, apparently, Take-Two Interactive had a bunch of illiterate fuckboys sit down and write up a cease-and-desist order to be sent to OpenIV. When I say “illiterate fuckboys”, I mean that in every sense of those words, particularly the first, as lead developer GooD-NTS, in his post on the forum, openly stated:


This has pretty much single-handedly resulted in my decision as to whether to buy the game or not to buy the game NOT TO BUY.  Bye bye, not gonna buy!

To make things even worse, Take-Two Interactive has also managed to get their hands on Kerbal Space Program. As far as the game itself goes, that purchase has already been made, so it’s not like I will just stop playing the game just because another shitstain company has gotten their hands on another game I have had a good deal of fun with over the years. However, I will not be getting any of the DLC releases which are supposedly in development or soon in development.

To finish things off, I will emplore all those who read this to sign this petition on Change.org, which I have realized is just another shithole, but whatever. If you fancy yourself a few mods, stand up against this. Don’t be a cuck.


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