Best deal! Give us your monies!

How about “no”? Your garbage deal doesn’t benefit anybody but yourselves, you greedy, fat executive fucks. You’re apparently going to withdraw the opportunity for non-preorderers to play as “Chaos Warriors” in the upcoming “Total War: Warhammer”, aren’t you? I’m speaking to you, Sega, or whoeverthefuck is in charge of this bullshit. Not that you will read this, of course; this is simply my pathetic attempt at sounding even mildly rhetorically proficient to make the blog post, say, a tad more entertaining to read for the few folk actually reading this.

Right: moving away from a less repulsively pretentious style onto a colloquial one. Seriously, just don’t buy into this. Please. I’m not a fan of the Total War series – I mean, for fuck’s sake, I only own and have ever played Shogun 2 – but don’t sit there and believe for one second that I haven’t had enough lectures from various YouTubers and the like teaching me and others about the importance of stopping this absolute cancer on the gaming industry. We’ve got a load of games with DLC bullshit like this, and if we don’t stop it now, it’s only going to get worse. Do you really want another “Bullshit Blood Pack™”? How about another dozen of those? Per game. As in: you have to buy a blood pack for every race, unit or whatever.

Does it sound like a good idea to check out some of the links I have proveded thee below? It better.


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