My computer is about to crash!

Yeah… no… it’s just another scam call. Aren’t they fun? Aren’t they just the most wonderful thing in the world? This is why I never pick up the phone! I guess you could screw around with them if you wanted to, but they’re really just a waste of time in the end. Just tell them you’ll be getting a new computer VERY SOON. They’ll hang up if you’re as lucky as me.

How the fuck would you know that my computer is about to crash, anyway? Do you have access to my computer’s files? And I have several computers! If you can see my files through your magical screen, why do I have to download anything? Can’t you just flick your wand to clean it or something? I don’t know what this one caller wanted, but she just hung up once I told her I’d be getting a new computer soon. I pity those that have to do this type of work, calling people with such poor English. Are there no better jobs? I guess somebody has to fill the “world’s scammer quota”. I would have been tempted to continue the conversation if I hadn’t just woken up and wasn’t about to eat breakfast, for fuck’s sake.

Lastly, if you call me because of some urgent incoming crash, why do you speak English? I live in Norway; it is customary to speak Norwegian when you call a number in Norway unless it is addressed to some international corporation or whatever.

I’m not really getting a new computer soon. Maybe. I don’t know if I want to or not.


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