DMCA – Dumbest Motherfucking Cocksuckers of All

I am going to break one of my own conditions and ask “what the fuck is going on?” When in the name of Holy Shit and Cursed Farts will this copyright claim combo stop? These fucking claims saying “I own this word and I will remove everybody else using this word from existence” are getting increasingly ancient, and people who do it deserve to be castrated and consequently eradicated by choking on their own mutilated genitalia. (Apparently, that’s illegal for me to say somewhere in the world…)

Examples of this idiocy includes Bethesda spraining their vaginal walls because of Mojang’s “Scrolls”, a claim which thankfully was rejected, the absolutely retarded company King clutching their balls in agony after people rioted against them when they tried to trademark “Candy” (use AdBlock before clicking the link) and now the fucking mess going on at Vimeo, where producer little bitch Adam Sandler & co. were removing a bunch of videos from the site (Video below). The dumb fucks even managed to remove their own trailer. Nice. Regardless, it seems Vimeo is doing something about it, though, which can’t really be said about YouTube these days. Anyway, videos that came out before the movie was even a thing had been removed. I think that, if anything, “Pixels” the actual movie by shitty Columbia or whatever is what should be removed.

It’s also worth noting people are actually buying into this “pixels” gimmick. Even though it has gotten near-absolute shit reviews ON EVERY FUCKING SITE THAT EXISTS, except for Cinemablend, apparently, people still go watch it in the cinemas.

On to the YouTube video regarding the Vimeo carnage that was going on. It’s by ReviewTechUSA, so if you still believe he owed BigCheese 200 bananas, don’t watch it.


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