An unconventional project

I suppose if you followed my blog back in ye olden days, namely reading posts such as this, this and this, you would know I have taken an interest in linguistics. That’s not to say I have an interest to the point where I’m obsessed by it, but I do show a certain inquisitiveness regarding the topic, much like with programming, games and electronics.

Anyway, as a small challenge, I have decided to translate Threetoe’s Stories, starting with “The Adventures of Gornon” and working my way up the list. I did start translating TAoG a while ago but never finished working on it, as I was still busy doing boring school stuff. I guess now that school has been over with for a month and a half, I can begin working on it again from scratch. Whether or not I finish the project depends entirely on my mood. I tend to have outbursts of ADD and stop working entirely on something because I’m either tired of it or, more often, because I am displeased by the result. It certainly would not be the first time.

Here’s the scrapped and unfinished version of TAoG I wrote earlier this year: 001_The_Adventures_of_Gornon

Compare it with the original version here ( or here (messed up PDF).


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