End of flash games?

Anyone familiar with sites like Kongregate, Newgrounds and AddictingGames will know what flash games are. Hell, there’s even a YouTuber with a whole playlist several playlists of them whom I remember watching a while back. Flash has decreased in importance the last few years as HTML5 has taken over many of its areas of use, most notably media players on sites such as YouTube and Hitbox.tv, although not yet on Twitch.

Because of the decline of Flash, I worry that many flash games will become unplayable unless some form of Flash is retained. I could care less about Flash itself; it’s all the applications written in Flash previously I’m worried about. This is a problem for the previously mentioned websites hosting flash games and flash movies.

While I understand the implications of keeping Flash, it still pisses me off how some people seemingly propagate their beliefs that people think the same way they do, namely the idiotic, corrupted “journalistic” sites such as Kotaku and Giant Bomb.

Anyway, my point is I’m worried for the future of older Flash games, although I probably shouldn’t be; I can most likely rest assured someone will find a way to play these games even after Flash’s downfall. That doesn’t mean I don’t hate stupid people who keep posting dumb shit like this, though:

Twitch Begins Phasing Out Flash Player for HTML5 - Maximum PC - Google Chrome_2015-08-05_16-24-57

Oh, are we now? Are we dreaming about this? Wow. I can’t really say I have any reason to dream about the replacement of Flash with HTML5.


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