“Lay” vs. “Lie”

It’s one of those issues. Grammatical issues. I don’t know how many times I have heard the verb “lie” being improperly replaced by the verb “lay”. It’s gotten to the point where I have unconsciously been using the wrong verb for God crap knows how long. Only recently have I managed to break free from my subconscious craving for using the verb “lay” for everything. Seriously, stop using it wrongly all the time, Internet.



Seriously, fuck you. Don't spread this shitty vocab.

Seriously, fuck you. Don’t spread this shitty vocab. (video)



People (redditors, anyway) keep saying redditors are “sooooo samrt”. Well, they are obviously a bunch of pretentious cunts who think “women just lay (their eggs) there” instead of “lie there”. It’s like seeing me.

You know, I could keep looking around on the Shitternet, but I’m not going to. Fitting examples are eluding me. Just watch Jefmajor or some other queef who keeps using “lay” instead of “lie”. Once upon a third hour (i.e. not as often as once in a blue moon), you will hear the rotten phrase “laying there” or some other shit spawned from the asshole of Satan itself.

Oh yeah, I was going to stop using religious phrases.  Fuck.


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