No credit for Reddit

Seriously, Reddit. Why the fuck are your servers down all the time? It’s been down two out of the three times I’ve visited it this week. While it’s not a major issue in the grand scheme of things, it sure as fuck pisses me off when the servers are down while I search something on Google and find an interesting result linking to Reddit. I click the link. Guess what?

redditGetYourShitTogetherYourServersSuckAssballsFuck you and your fucking servers, Reddit. I guess this is why everybody sells their shit to Google; at least stuff owned by Google is STABLE and FUCKING WORKS! Well, it does for me, anyway.

Also, why the fuck is Reddit written with a miniscule “r”? Is it supposed to be like an inverse Roman script or something? Perhaps it just reflects how most many people on the internet just don’t give a flying fuck about capitalization, grammar or punctuation? It’s funny because reddit Reddit has a reputation of consisting mostly of self-proclaimed know-it-all turds who think they own the place or some shit. I don’t know if that’s true; I just heard it from Corpsealot. Blame it on him.

Oh, and while I’m in rant mode: WHY DOES EVERY FUCKING COMPUTER FAN I BUY DIE SO FUCKING FAST? They keep turning into rattle snakes*! “Ptsptsptsptspts!” Are they all just gluttonous and eat a little more than they should of that electricity stuff everybody keeps talking about? Or maybe the fans just suck balls? Perhaps my motherboard is dying? I don’t know! I’ll just keep beating the shit out of that fan to shut it up until it completely stops working! Somebody fucking invent a superconductor that negates the need for cooling! I keep hearing this bullshit about technology advancing at a record-high pace.


* Oh, wait. It’s usually spelled “rattlesnakes”. I forgot how much dick English spelling sucks. So, it’s “rattlesnake” but “car door”. Go fuck yourself, English. What’s “rattlesnake” in German? “Klapperschlange”! What’s car door in German? “Autotür” or “Wagentür”! German is consistent, English is not! Fuck English!



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