Dekaron Rising – False expectations

Last night, I published a post about how much I despised Dekaron in its current state. In short, the reasons were as follows:

  • Players can level too quickly
  • There is far too much money (dil) in circulation; massive inflation
  • Community is shit
  • Quests are fucking pathetic, and many have been removed
  • Extremely poor quality overall

I am not at all interested in playing this game anymore, because it has turned into a fuckfest overflowing with EXP and dil. To address this issue, I tried searching for posts that could give me some information as to why this happened. I didn’t really find what I wanted, because I noticed Dekaron Rising and immediately derailed my search in favor of trying this out.

Well, I’m not impressed. In fact, it sucks. This server is complete garbage. There is absolutely no reason to play on this private server, because it really is the actual game with some extra added features that I couldn’t give less of a fuck about. I was hoping leveling was more streamlined and that quests were more abundant to add more diversity to the leveling experience. Was this to be the case? NO! This Dekaron Rising is, as stated above, nothing but Dekaron with some extra added features. It has the same fucking issues, perhaps excluding inflation issues. As for the community, I couldn’t tell, because I played for about ten minutes and reached level 16 after killing one single fucking moth outside Ardeca.

In case nobody has noticed yet, I hate games where you can reach maximum level so easily. One of the reasons I played RuneScape for five years, plus minus some months reserved for breaks, is because it didn’t hand you free stuff and levels. No, you had to WORK to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. I know, ridiculous, right? Adding to that, it’s not a pain in the ass to register an account. You see, I tried creating an account on the site. Did it work? Of course not! I got this “Error: special chars.” message. Not only that, but the little JavaScript popup has to be the shadiest-looking registration window I have ever seen! It doesn’t even hide your password as you type it! If you can’t integrate the registration process into your website, DON’T FUCKING BOTHER WITH IT AT ALL!

I really was hoping this server wouldn’t be a complete piece of shit. It was, and I feel bad for my router, which had to reluctantly route the game to me; my computer, which had to process the entire thing; my wireless USB receiver, which had to receive the piece of shit; and my GPU and screen, which respectively had to process and display this garbage.

And no, I’m not giving the server another chance. Fuck that shit. I’d rather go play World of Warcraft if I wanted to level quickly. At least WoW has a community and doesn’t lag like a bitch.


3 comments on “Dekaron Rising – False expectations

  1. Jay Z says:

    Five years playing Runescape? What a fucking massive waste of fucking time!

  2. jb says:

    oh I see, I already Change my mind Playing Dekaron Rising. nothing can COMPARE to the first dekaron

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