… you’re not being serious…


Need I say more? You know, Windows 7 is the new Windows XP. Nobody’s going to want to upgrade to shitty Windows 8 or Windows 9. MICROSOFT! YOU KNOW WHAT? I WANT TO USE A KEYBOARD AND A MOUSE, NOT A TOUCH SCREEN. WE AS PC USERS WANT PC OS! I’m just going to stick with Windows 7 until you no-brainers come up with something along the lines of XP or Windows 7.


P.S.: I needed to say more, after all.

P.P.S.: I think it’s not really confirmed, but if it is… odpkasojgfposariouepoithuyr8923u4hniuw huia sdy 89y3897r789 eyaw8yeradsghfughewa7try 732q p298473297q4389 4ryhatn




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