Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs — My expectations and ideas

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2 comments on “Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs — My expectations and ideas

  1. rudeguygames says:

    I had two weird dreams today. One was about the world ending, and for some reason, we were going to boil some girl alive for doing… something. What the hell? And then I dreamt about Amnesia, where I collected, like, something in an underground cavern covered by ice or glass or something, like the lake in the first ice level in Ty: The Tasmanian Tiger. I was collecting 20 silverfish, or keys or SOMETHING I CANNOT REMEMBER ARRRTGHFDAIGHAFGHAIGHIADSGHADSGHAS!!!!!

    • rudeguygames says:

      About the world ending: we had to leave by the year 2018, and I’m talking space ships, here. Like, interplanetary travel. The Earth was, like, exploding with fire or whatever… And that girl? Ummm… judging by the guy looking like Mike from Breaking Bad, I think I’ve seen too much of that show. LOL. You see, that girl might be a reference to Lydia, in Breaking Bad, of course. Or Jane. Whoever it was, it was the strangest dream I’ve had in a while. srsly wat

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