Here’s none for ya’

Long-ish story short:

I was recording some Kerbal Spaze Program when I got pissed at the game because of a reason I need to look up I had a module on the back of my next base piece that wouldn’t detach. I was experimenting with a new landing technique, which looks like this. Yes, that’s a screenshot taken of the media player, because I didn’t take a screenie when I played the game, and I cbfa starting the game up for something this menial. What you see on this image is the base piece itself and the (SUPPOSEDLY) detached fuel tank backpack. I figured the reason for this was because I used those rectangular struts, or, more accurately, Modular Girder Segments, to connect the fuel tanks to the main craft via use of decouplers, specifically “TR-2V Stack Decouplers. Modular Girder Segments don’t snap in any direction, so there wasn’t really any “real” connection between the craft and the fuel tanks. Really, the only reason they worked was because the game “thought” they were attached. Back to the snapping: there are two ways of connecting parts in the SPH and VAB. One, there’s the old-fashioned snapping, which ensures symmetry to the point of almost impossible error. Second, there’s radial attachment. There’s a snapping feature to this as well, but that’s not my point. My point is that I radially attached the girders to the vertically snapped decouplers. There are radial decouplers, but why should I absolutely have to use those? They would look absolutely ridiculous!

Message to Squad, developers of Kerbal Space Program:

Please fix this. K? K. This was a wasted effort and I really don’t think it’s just to put me in such a situation because I didn’t test it on beforehand. This is a design flaw at the very least, seeing as the decouplers didn’t even show signs of decoupling. That’s the point of having decouplers, right? Right? LOL REMEMBIR SKWAD? REMEMBIR? REMEMBIR NAO? DUSNT U REMEMBIR? 


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