Kerbal Space Program – Off-Screen Vehicle Testing

I haven’t recorded KSP videos the last few days, as I haven’t felt like it. In addition, I think one of my computer fans are retarded. It makes this buzzing noise. I, because of this, asked about it on Yahoo! Answers, and apparently the bearing has retardified itself. Fυςκ ςοωρυτεΓζ.

Anyway, for pictures taken of my off-screen session, click BLOA!


(that means below, btw…)

Miniature Rover I

Miniature Rover II

Nominal Rover I

Nominal Rover II

Nominal Rover III

Nominal Rover IVa

Nominal Rover IVb

NomRov IVa&b


Tippy I

Tippy II

Tippy III








































holy shit that was boring



h0ly shti dat wuz borign



hoely sh1t det wuz boarignign


One comment on “Kerbal Space Program – Off-Screen Vehicle Testing

  1. rudeguygames says:

    I can’t believe I just wasted 11,5 MB of storage space…. fuck…

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