Finally! A way for me to earn moniezzzz!

I was lucky with the nests today: Earned a bit over 240k from kingdom management today. Some lantadymes, dwarf weeds, avantoes, a magic seed and a maple seed, plus the crushed birds nests, earned me a good sum of money 🙂 Oh, and I also sold the 755 maples. I guess I could have kept them, but I really need money, so I can’t help it. Besides, I’ll be able to buy them back later, right 😀

Still, I can’t help but feel useless as many other players earn millions per day. Oh well. I guess I’ll just sit here, doing nothing. Aimlessly searching the webs for useful merching videos. I did find one today, but bowls are quite difficult to get these days, even at 200 per piece.

Anyway, a picture image is in order:

Uten navn_verygoodmoneyindeedifyourelucky


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