Two new wikia!


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Rygusmul Wikia

The Rygusmul Wikia is a collection of grammar rules and stuff and stuff connected to the conlang Rygusmul (Lange Rigusmuli). As of now, it only has a backstory and a few other sentences and statements here and there, but I’ll be srue to add to it later (if I can be arsed). It sure as hell is ten thousand times better than uploading a whole entire fucking Word document to this website. Well, I could do that, too, but it’s not exactly a clean document; it’s extremely messy. :/ As the wikia grows bigger, I will add pronunciation guides, the alphabet and its rules, cases, and more!

Varunsaimient Rigusmuli

Translated to “Rygusmuli Dictionary”, this is a wikia that contains most of the words in Rygusmul.

Currently – as I am writing this article – there are only about 6 words added. These are the three first nouns and the three first verbs. Then comes the big problem: how do you find the word that you want to use? Well, for that, I simply have a redirect system integrated into the wikia. For now, the stupid shit won’t work, but you can still use the search function to look up words. I mean, it’s the same thing…. except that the work has to be done partly by yourself.

How does the dictionary look? A problem with creating the dictionary was to plan out how the hell it was going to look. Of course, when I say “plan out”, I really mean “spend five minutes thinking about something that may or may not work out later in the course of the wikia’s lifetime”. Well, I thought that it might have the buildup of the Wiktionary. And… uhhh…. I think it does. The only difference is that my wikia sucks ass compared to the Wiktionary, simply because THERE ARE OVER A THOUSAND ACTIVE USERS ON WIKTIONARY! FUCK!

omg wai does i has 2 does dis?



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