Why is school so boring? It’s like, I have to sit around, listening to some random crap I already know about. Not to mention there’s so much shit I don’t need to know, anyway. I’d rather die, l0l. lol rite. lol ur so funys!

ANYWAY, that aside, let’s talk about something else. Like…. something… World of Tanks? 280 videos is enough to explain. Hmmm…. RuneScape? No. WoW? No! I KNOW! Let’s talk about NOTHING! NOOOO! Hence, no talk about games. Actually, there is something I would like to talk about, and that has to do something with YouTube. To read more, click below.

So, the thing I would like to talk about does, again, have something to do with PewDiePie. No, this time I’m not attacking him directly, but it does have something to do with him. I am talking about the “giants”. You know, the “big guys” on YouTube, like UberHaxorNova, TobyGames, PewDiePie (duh), Chuggaaconroy… who else? Maybe NintendoCapriSun (the only one of the lot who isn’t a complete fucking idiot), but he deserves the subscribers. Anyway, that aside, I want to talk about isolation. A big problem on YouTube these days. I have noticed that some Let’s Players, reviewers, bloggers, gamers, RANTERS, etc. etc. etc., do better than others. Why? Let’s take NintendoCapriSun as an example. He started Let’s Playing waaaayyyyyy before YouTube even existed. If you watch his videos enough, you start to notice that he talks about him recording while he plays video games, and that he has been doing that for the last 18 or so years. His first actual Let’s Play was uploaded 2nd March, 2008. However, PewDiePie uploaded his first Let’s Play series the 17th December, 2010. Notice the difference. NintendoCapriSun has about 215K subscribers, and PewDiePie has almost 3M. So, you’re going to subscribe to a fucking moron that can’t even speak English properly? I’m not saying I am good at it, but I try to hide my dialect, and I hope he does, too. If not… well, God save the world. Not only am I disliking his pronunciation, but his voice sounds like a meatgrinder and a demon vomiting COMBINED! In fact, any demon would vomit just by the sound of his ear-shattering screams and pathetic pronunciation.

Well, I’m turning this into another “I HATE PEWDIEPIE”-post again, am I not? Well, let’s talk about some other Let’s Players out there, then. Let’s take UberHaxorNova. This guy has different issues than PDP. UberHaxorNova does unnecessarily come with retarded screams and shouts from time to time, but it’s nowhere near as annoying as PewDiePie when he does it. However, I do not like his humor, either. He laughs at fucking EVERYTHING (he probably forces it; you can actually hear it), and the entire collection of videos he has is just a bunch of retarded clips with him forcing himself to laugh while playing a video game that’s not even remotely funny (not referring to Happy Wheels. However, he does exaggerate in this game, too).

Next up is TobyGames. I have seen a couple of Let’s Players that copy his style (I can’t remember their name; probably a good thing, too). The problem with this isn’t that they copied someone. No. The actual problem is that they copied someone who has the second most stupid voice (after PDP) in the world. He repeats everything (e. g.: You’re more sexy than my granny! *two minutes later* YOU’RE MORE SEXY THAN MY GRANNY!), his tone of voice is annoying as hell (as if he was the actual character (which he ISN’T)), and his face is retarded. Yeah, no offense, but… the thumbnails to his videos look ridiculous. That goes for PDP’s, too. His retarded demonic :D-face is fucking retarded, not to mention retarded. Did I mention it’s retarded? It’s retarded. jk

Now, let’s compare these to NintendoCapriSun.


PDP has a retarded voice, NCS does not. PDP is retarded, NCS is not. PDP screams fucking all the time, NCS does not. PDP plays retarded games and steals all potential of other Let’s Players, NCS does not.


UHN laughs all the time, NCS sometimes. UHN plays stupid games, NCS does not.


TG repeats everything all the fucking time, NCS comes up with new stuff all the time. TG has a retarded tone of voice, NCS talks normally. TG looks like a baby, NCS looks like someone with a bigger brain than him.

What the above noobs have in common with NCS is….. nothing…. Though, NCS is somewhere around 35 years old, while we’re comparing him to a bunch of retarded kids who are 25- years old…. or something… I don’t fucking know, and I don’t want to know!

Oh, and me? I swear (not always a good thing). I laugh when I think something is funny (except when expressing irony/sarcasm). I try to NOT scream. I try to entertain the viewers. I try to NOT Let’s Play games that have been LP’d dozens of times before (such as Happy Wheels, CoD, Amnesia (not that it would be fun, anyway; I already know what is going to happen), etc.).


NintendoCapriSun is the only one who isn’t a retard (out of these other three). Oh, and Chuggaaconroy is also an idiot, but I don’t watch him too often, and he’s not recommended by YouTube all the fucking time, so that makes him tolerable.


Post scriptum:

♪I do not want any nubcakes ranting on this. This is simply my own opinion, though harshly put so.155♪


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