Rygusmul update log: 15th November, 2012

Little has been done with the language lately, as I have been a little demotivated to continue further development of the language. The grammar isn’t really the problem. The problem is all the words that have to be added. Because I am the only one working on this language, finishing this work is going to take a long time. I would ask someone else to help me, but the problem is, I would have to look over everything, anyway. Not to mention most people don’t have the knowledge about languages and linguistics I do, even though I’m only 16 years old. Well, nobody that I know know as much about this as I do. Honestly, I don’t really care how long this will take, but it just annoys me how I can’t even get to work. I mean, I’m trying to come up with new words, but I just can’t seem to get motivated enough. If I knew that this was going to work out, then maybe – just MAYBE – I would have continued with it. The problem is, I don’t even know if the language will ever be finished, due to my relatively low knowledge about linguistics (compared to professional linguists).

To sum up what has been happening the last two weeks:

  • About 15 new nouns added
  • Determiners “lis” (this, these) and “neus” (that, those) added, as well as inflections of these. (“Lis” and “neus” are irregular. All other determiners are regular).
  • Added a couple (literally) new verbs.
  • Made some small readjustments to the main compendium.

What I am planning to do before the language is released:

  • Have at least 500 nouns, 200 verbs, 10 determiners, and many other words added to a big dictionary (somehow). Can someone tell me how to make a clear list of something like this. I would like my dictionary to look like a standard dictionary we have in our everyday lives. :/
  • Standardize the main uses of the cases. As of now, I can only hope that the cases mean what I think they mean. I’m very unsure about the ablative case.
  • Know parts of the language myself. What is the point of creating a language if the creator can’t even understand it himself? That’s madness!!!!! Of course, first, I would have to finish the basic structure of the conlang.

Finally, my plans of how the language will be when (if ever) I’m done with it:

  • It will have over 10000 words in a great dictionary, including examples of uses.
  • The cases will have been perfected. I now know how the ablative case is used.
  • I can speak the language semi-fluently.
  • The language is complex enough for everyday use, or at least for use in personal groups.

I can only dream of these things happening, but for now, I will have to live with what I have. It’s kind of annoying not knowing what to do next, and that’s my main problem. If I do finish the language, it’s going to be one of my greatest achievements yet! From Mag’ir’by, to Rygusmul, and beyond!

Viv bonum! 


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