PewDiePie – A War Unfurled (?)

This is going to be a loooooong post (with many pictures! :). Below is a series of comments I have gathered from the “See all” comments section in THIS video. I will be posting PewDiePie’s comments first, then the reactions of other people.

Wanna see? Click “Continue reading”! 😀

“Brainy” comments section

Below are the “brainier” arguments, as opposed to the mega-raging-turdelifurdle comments further down this page.

“Raging” comments section

Below are the aforementioned “rage” comments.

From PewDiePie to Freedom of Speech? Lolwut?

Why is he a retard? Well… because you can’t know what to expect before you actually watch it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen 400 or 1 video. It’s the content, and it’s the same damn shit over and over and over and over and OVER OVER OVER again! I guess it’s hard to come up with original jokes, but then he shouldn’t have DROPPED OUT OF UNIVERSITY TO BECOME A FUCKING LET’S PLAYER!

“Megadiscussions” comments section

Yes, I know. “Megadiscussions” isn’t a word, but this group of discussions really are a step bigger than the rest.

“Nonsensical” comments section

The following comments are totally nubtarded. Lots of them are good, tho. Nubtarted means “awesomely funny”, in this context, methinks.



…. nub…. song….

“These-guys-are-right” comments section

I agree 101% with these guys!

PHEW! That was only one page… I’m not gonna post more, though. I think we got the point :3


5 comments on “PewDiePie – A War Unfurled (?)

  1. trinity says:

    This is a f***ing waste of time.. Let ppl like the tubers they want. Who gives a f*** if they r stupid?? Alot of kids shows r retarded doesn’t mean yr gonna start an argument with yr 3 year old son on reasons why is dumb right?!?!?! Same with the bros! They love pewds for a reason. He has his own humorous ways to him. So just go get a life haters!!! Seems uv got nothing better to do than argue

    • rudeguygames says:

      LOL. fucking* people* are* a lot* you’re* you’ve*

      I’m not trying to start a war, here, but I can’t take anything you’re saying seriously when you clearly haven’t spent nearly enough time even remotely trying to spell words correctly. Don’t fucking say “?!?!?!?!”, because you’ll just end up looking like a moron. It’s also not a waste of time because I do get typing experience from this, which makes me more productive in the future. It’s a whole lot more productive than watching a guy with 15 kHz screams yelling and shouting because his wooden chair wouldn’t protect him.

      “Alot of kids shows r retarded doesn’t mean yr gonna start an argument with yr 3 year old son on reasons why is dumb right?!?!?!”

      Spelling and grammatical errors disregarded, this argument is decent. The only flaw is that PewDiePie isn’t a “kids’ show”, because “kids’ shows” don’t constantly resort to rape references, annoying screaming and obvious money-grabbing. I couldn’t give less of a shit about his videos in general, but the fact that he has become the most subscribed channel is absolutely ludicrous, considering he dropped out of university to make gameplay videos, not knowing what people would think about them. He’s really not setting a good example for all his fanboys with that one.

      That brings me to my other complaint: his fanbase. It’s among the most retarded in the world, at least as far as I’m concerned. They usually can’t come up with good arguments. Instead, their underdeveloped minds almost always resort to things like “ur just jelous he makes more money then u”, “ur just a h8er. plz kill urself”, or even “go get a life u fucking homofag rapist”. Those were all just examples, but you catch my drift, don’t you? I hope you do.

      Do you now see why I can’t stand PDP? He, and many others for that matter, are making YouTube a dictatorship where smaller channels don’t stand a single chance. The smaller channels actually make decent content which I fully enjoy and sit back and relax to, exempli gratia: Jefmajor, NintendoCapriSun, mst3kforever, Nazereth1, BikDipOnABus (older videos), and L0rdVega, just to name a few, are all enjoyable to watch.

      • trinity says:

        Okay I agree with you and disagree. See everyone hates assholes like you correcting our grammar and who cares??? So what if pewdiepie is a faggot. Fans love him and haters hate. I can be grammatically correct when I want to also so don’t be telling me that I type like a fucking child or that saying !?!?!?!?!?! Makes me a moron. But why would you care? Your just a person with no life that has nothing better to do than “troll” so good day sir,enjoy being a loser and a “fuckin trolling biotch!!!!!!!”

      • rudeguygames says:

        Right, so it makes me an asshole when I’m trying to help you improve your spelling and grammar. Jesus Christ, and then you pull the “no-life-card” on me. LOL, as if you would know. I have to have a life to type anything, and before you say anything: yes, I know what you mean. I certainly have other things to do, but considering this doesn’t take a lot of time off of my hands, I might as well.

        “I can be gramatically correct when I want to also so don’t be telling me that I type like a fucking child […]”

        You know, it ain’t that hard to type properly. If you know the grammar, don’t fucking pretend you don’t.

  2. Nah. Chill. He doesn’t deserve all that hate.

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