World of Tanks: Physics (FIRST THOUGHTS)

At first, I thought this was just another retarded update. When I first started playing the game, I didn’t notice anything different. I had expected tanks sliding around as if they were on ice! However, these new physics bring much more life to the game. It lets the players come up with new strategies, and it’s also fun to just tumble down a steep slope, isn’t it? xD Overall, I think this is a pretty good update, though it could need a bit of refining. I would like to see trees behave like objects, not just rigid 3D sprites that fall over when you barely touch them. Also, rocks, houses, and fences should be a little less… “explody”, and more “physicsy”.



Back to World of Tanks

Well, because the new “physics update” has been released (four days ago), I might as well return to this game. I haven’t played it since I “lost” my computer, so it’ll be a little rough.


A successful predecessor lives on in the spirit of the newly released Guild Wars 2. The game has been highly anticipated, and after a month of gameplay (reaching no further than level 62), I feel like I have played enough of it to have a reason to complain about something. The game isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s far from perfect. There are a lot of flaws that should be corrected, and it’s not just a bunch of minor flaws, either.

Problem #1: Leveling

My first issue is about the leveling. ArenaNet’s promise was to make leveling even, so that leveling a level 20 character would feel like leveling a level 70 character. This sounded good to me before I actually started playing the game, but what I didn’t know, was that this would become one of the major flaws of this game.


The actual main problem with the leveling in this game is the speed at which it is done, and that’s all because of the simple fact that EVERYTHING gives you experience. Be it resurrecting people, crafting weapons/armor/accessories/etc., killing monsters, doing events, following your personal storyline, etc., etc. etc.. This would have been a very nice system, if only it weren’t for the fact that the amount of experience you get increases WITH your actual level. For example, in World of Warcraft, you need 100K experience points to level up. Each quest gives you about 2500. Well, in this game, when you need 100K experience points, the games gives you upwards of 10K experience points. I might not have gotten all the facts right, but that was meant to be an example; a comparison.

Level cap

So, the above paragraph leads to this: the level cap. It’s currently at level 80: not too high, not too low. Actually, it might be too low, and that’s my problem with it. Because you level up so quickly in this game, you reach level 80 much, much, much faster than in any other MMORPG. In WoW, Perfect World, and similar games, you actually have to work to reach the level cap. In this game, however, you can just casually play the game for a month, and you’ve done it. I have only reached level 62 after 118 hours and 39 minutes of gameplay (/age command), but I just suck at games, so don’t compare yourself to me.

Problem #2: Crafting

Craftin in this game is severely flawed. In every single other game I have played, crafting has played a major role in gameplay. In this game, you don’t even have to think about it. You can just buy whatever the fuck you want! Crafted equipment/consumables are just as good as the ones dropped by monsters and found in chests/looted bags. Seriously, the only reason you would even want to level crafting, would be to level your ACTUAL level.


Leveling crafting disciplines is one thing, but when crafting is leveling your combat level in addition to the crafting discipline you’re using to craft the item with, that just crosses the line. You get enough experience from events, monsters, and perhaps even personal storyline quests. This wasn’t enough, though. ArenaNet fucked it up by derping the crafting by making it a MASSIVE XP-booster. In fact, I would go as far as to say that this is a pay-to-win situation. Spend money on gems, transfer them into in-game gold, buy crafting materials (for a huge amount of money, though), craft your way to 400 in the discipline and level 80. Disgusting.

Problem #3: Trading Post

Again, this is a new feature added by A-Net, but guess what? They failed. Well, in the sense that it didn’t end up being as successful as it could have been.

The “sell-anything-anywhere-without-any-extra-payments-and-also-this-lacks-logic problem”

So, you’re out grinding for supplies to craft (you’re fucking stupid if you’re even thinking about crafting (like me)), and you find a bunch of shit you don’t even need. What do you do? Sell it to vendors? There are none nearby. Drop it? You decide it would be more profitable to somehow sell it. Keep it? You don’t have space? Well, what do you do? Leave the area and come back? No, because you don’t need to. I understand that ArenaNet wanted to turn this game into a more casual-user-friendly game, but this just fucking crosses the line. No, it doesn’t just cross the line; it crosses the fucking edge of the universe, which is so big, not even light has traveled through it. I mean, what the hell is this shit? How do you even do this? Does your character have some sort of teleporting device that magically/scientifically transports the item you wish to tell to a gi-fucking-gantically ginormously awesomely pwnage warehouse? And what’s worse, is that you can’t even get the stuff you bought this way. You actually have to go to a trading post employee to get the crap you just bought. Inconsistency: not good.


This isn’t ArenaNet’s fault, but I just felt like getting this out there. Inflation in this game is,at the current rate, going to increase the price of items by tenfold by the end of the year. The price has already gone up fivefold on some of the exotic pre-legendaries/precursors, specifically the Dawn and Dusk. This, in turn, is because of another problem, which I will introduce later in this entry.


“What are ‘order-øspammers’? This guy is too fuckin’ inconsistent!” It that is what you’re thinking, then I will tell you what an “order-spammer” is. An order-spammer, a term which I coined just seconds ago while writing this, is a player/botter/spammer that has used the current ordering system to spam the shit out of the TP. Because there is no limit on how low you can go with your orders, one could just place an order on Dusk at 1 copper. Not so much a problem, there, but when there are lots of them… oh boy. It’s not so much of an issure, but it sure as hell shows that A-Net didn’t even bother putting a limit, here.

Problem #4: World vs. World vs. World

Also called “WvW”, “WuvWuv” (in the forum URL, in the section WvW), and WvWvW, this is a game mode that’s pretty new to me. In fact, it’s the only game that I’ve ever played to have such a grand scale PvP system. I guess games like Planetside and whatnot could have bigger, badder, and overall better grand-scale battles, but honestly, I just can’t be arsed buying it right now.


Fuck nightcapping. If you don’t know what nightcapping is, then you should be fucking happy right now. Because everyone on the God damn planet has their own time zones, and because the WvWvW-battles are going on 24/7 in two-week matches, some people are launching night raids after the other servers have gone to bed. For instance, a server full of German players could be eviscerated by servers with British people, simply because they are one hour ahead of them. So, when it’s 2 am in Germany, it’s 1 am in Britain. This gives the British an hour-long advantage, because they get to stay up an additional hour without any consequences, whereas the Germans would have to stay up another hour, which could lead to fatigue and other stupid shit. You want to be focused when doing WvW (and playing the game in general), right? You might now say “Oh, the Germans get up an hour earlier.” Well, if the server is lucky, there are many early birds that have no problems getting up at all. In most cases, this is not… the case… I guess? So while the Germans are still going “wakey-wakey”, the British get up an hour later, and, of course, storm to the game, lest they lose control of the game.

Other problems?

There are other problems, such as the problem I said I was going to mention later in this post. That problem has to do with the fact that crafting the legendary precursors is completely random. There is no skill involved, and although I haven’t reached the point where I can actually start farming rares/exotics to attempt crafting a precursor, I have heard people complaining about this sytem. Complaining about the current system (RNG – Random Number Generator; basically like a die with at least three hundred sides), and how it sucks and/or how it can be fixed.

’nuff said

I have said enough for now, and I must go on watching the “After Dark” stuff on Animal Planet (lol), so I’ll see you guys later. Have a good one, and don’t get fucked over by the nightcappers.

Detailed information about Rygusmul

First of all, it’s a new LANGUAGE. I have developed its grammar from scratch, combining grammatical cases from Latin, German, Russian, and other languages alike. The vocabulary contains words that have been inspired by Welsh, German, English, Greek, Latin, Norwegian, Russian, Bulgarian, Italian, Polish… the shitty list goes on!

Here is a detailed list about the language’s features:

  • There are a total of 8 cases; nominative, accusative, dative, genitive, ablative, locative, vocative, and instrumental.
  • All nouns have a gender; masculine, feminine, and neuter.
  • All genders have their own declinations. Even pluralized forms of the genders have their own declinations, and there are as such six different postfixes for each case.
  • Adjectives also have different declinations depending on the gender of the noun to which it is prefixed. However, they don’t take the plural forms of the genders into account; they just have a single postfix for all three genders.
  • Verbs also have several tenses, though this class is probably not going to be finished in a while, hence I will not state any details, lest they be wrong and/or outdated. (“be” is here in the subjunctive mood :D)

I would write more, but that’s about all I have been able to work on thus far.


P.S.: If you’re going to call me a “nerd”, remember that I still have a bigger brain than you.