Info about “Let’s Play Guild Wars 2”

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have started uploading World of Tanks Let’s Plays again. The reason I did this was because, honestly, Guild Wars 2 actually sucks big throbbing c*ck compared to WoT at the moment. I really don’t get the big kick out of it, though World of Tanks gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I’ve done something good. Also, the Guild Wars 2 videos, though lesser in resolution, actually grow to massive sizes. I just don’t understand why 😦 I guess it’s more colorful? Because of this, I can’t be arsed uploading Guild Wars 2 anymore. I still have the files, so don’t worry (though I don’t know WHY you would worry at all), I will upload them sometime. I just won’t record in a long, long, long time.


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