Games I DON’T like

Ummm… so, I’m at school, and I can’t be arsed just sitting here waiting for that damn math lesson, and thus I  will make a list of games I hate… errr, don’t like.  (so many periods)

League of Legends

Yeah, I just don’t understand why people play this game. I have heard that the game itself isn’t just for fun anymore, but rather for pride and moneymaking, as in pro-gaming. It’s all about the competition, and only the best have fun. The community sucks, they say, and them shall I believe. 

World of Warcraft

Another game that is completely beyond my understanding. Why is this game so popular? I bought all the expansions (->Cataclysm), and I tried the game. It seemed fun to begin with. My first character was a stupid human warrior, I think. It sucked. My highest level was 68 or something. Yeah. That’s not even half-way to 85, XP-wise. That’s because the game SUCKS! It’s a grind, and the quests, they say, are supposed to be a breeze. Well, they are easy, but they are TOO FUCKING EASY AT THAT! The quests suck, the enemies suck, the graphics suck, and the game sucks. 


This game is turning into a moneymaking machine. Squeal of Fortune? That stupid shop of whose-name-I-don’t-remember? Was it Solomon? Anyway, it’s stupid. Oh, and guess what? Last week, they added some bullshit in the store. What was it? I don’t remember. That’s how bad it is. I used to love the game. Now, it’s just a crappy shitfest. 

Runes of Magic

This game sucks. You might as well start calling it RuneScape of Magic, because this pile of shit is the most expensive MMORPG I have ever played. They call it “free”. Yeah, free. If you consider free as “a synonym to ‘paying a fuck-ton of real-life money for XP-boosts, mounts, potions, weapons, refinement ingredients, pets that help in combat, and more!'” Right-o. 


Does someone have a rope? 


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