Catastrophe! Disaster! Cataclysm! Calamity!

Okay, so I contacted the dudes at Komplett and asked them when my computer was going to be sent back. “We are currently working on the ones that came to us the 27th July,” they said. I think I sent it to them the 3rd August or something, so if I’m to get it back within the weekend, I’ll have to hope that not too many people sent computers for service/reparations. 



4 comments on “Catastrophe! Disaster! Cataclysm! Calamity!

  1. rudeguygames says:

    The message was sent yesterday, by the way. Or was it Sunday? Nah, yesterday. They won’t respond on Sundays.

  2. Daniel Jørgensen says:

    Play GW2 with me when it’s released 😀

  3. rudeguygames says:

    Uhh… I kinda can’t, lol.

    *le reason is stated l’above

    • Daniel Jørgensen says:

      I know :/ but when ya get the computer back ;D
      I’m starting GW2 on Saturday, as I have the three day headstart, can’t wait xD

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