PayPal scam E-mail

Okay, so I was just dicking around on the internet (like I always do), and I noticed I had gotten an E-mail (I have Gmail, and downloaded a Chrome Plugin that notifies me of any new mails.)

My current Chrome addons! (20.08.2012 - 21:17/09:17 PM)


(The Facebook one is glitched, by the way.)

So I opened the inbox and noticed I had gotten an E-mail from “PayPal”.







I decided to ignore it anyway, because I didn’t use PayPal. Of course, I got another one. And then another one. Then another one. And finally, number five was sent, and that’s when I had enough. I decided to check this shit out! I clicked the link, and I was prompted to log in. Ummm… okay? So, I logged in with my “account”, and I thought to myself: “Wait a minute… this isn’t PayPal. The URL is all fucked up!”

Über fail #1

Is this really PayPal? Look at that URL!

This is not PayPal.

Noch nicht PayPal


No. This ain’t PayPal. This is a fake website. Here’s how it works:

  1. They somehow manage to find your E-mail.
  2. They send you an E-mail, telling you to do “this” and “that” or else “this” and “that” will happen.
  3. They keep spamming you with E-mails to make it look like it’s urgent when, in reality, it isn’t.
  4. Should you enter the website and type your information (including your password), you’re not really logged on. It’s a fake website.

This form of scamming is called “phishing”. Derived from the word “fishing”, its main objective is to lure people into believing that this is the actual owner of the service on which the account is. Now, let’s look at a statement from PayPal:


As you can see…

As you can clearly see, the two E-mails above do NOT state my name/business (if I had one). They don’t ask for account information, but it is important to know that even though they don’t state that they want the information, they make you enter it once you’re on their website, anyway.

Oh, and you know what else?


I don't have a PayPal account on my E-mail!

Soooo….. fail?

If you can’t read/understand it (it’s norwegian), then it basically says “We can’t find your E-mail address. Try again, or choose ‘I don’t know which E-mail I used.’

So, this means I didn’t even have a PayPal account. LØL! I even entered my E-mail on the website! :O LØLØLØLØLØLØLØLØL

Oh, and the website doesn’t have this:

PayPal security badge

“Safe and sound!”



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