Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

Fuck my stupid brain and its idiotic behavior the last few days. Lately, I’ve been   having troubles with “teh sleepingz”. I seriously cannot fucking sleep. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the fucking bullshit that’s been going on in real-life… well, actually, it DOES have something to do with real-life. Yeah, the computer is still not back. Now, you might be thinking “what kind of a fucking idiot can’t sleep without his computer?” Well, I’ll tell you what kind of a “‘fucking idiot’ can’t sleep without his computer”! Basically, I want to record stuff. Boredom kicks in, and I get hungry for recording some shit. Yeah. When you have no friends, that happens. Why don’t I have any friends? Uhhhhh… I don’t fucking know? Maybe you should ask the fuckers who actually know the answers? I sure as hell fucking don’t. Matter of fact, I keep asking it to myself all the fucking time.


“Fuck power supplies and other people.”

Yeah, I just said that. They did that to me.


Oh, and FUCK COUNT: 18 + 1


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